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Unfolding Genetic Intrigue: Unanticipated Discoveries in My Ancestry through iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Moret

When I submitted my DNA to iGENEA for analysis, I was expecting a straightforward confirmation of my French roots. Instead, I was amazed to find out that my heritage stretches across diverse landscapes – from the Iberian Celts and Vikings to ancient Near Eastern civilizations. The discovery of this complex blend of ancestries has painted my family name, Moret, with astonishingly vibrant hues.

When I sent my DNA sample to iGENEA for ancestral testing, I imagined a simple confirmation of my known French heritage. Instead, I was greeted with a stunning mosaic of distant lands and civilizations, a surprising cocktail of genealogy that challenges my understanding of who I am and where I come from.

To start with, the iGENEA DNA test confirmed that the name Moret originates from France. Nevertheless, this was just the opening chapter in what proved to be an awe-inspiring family saga. According to the results, I am a part of haplogroup R1b, known also as the "Western European" haplogroup. The R1b haplogroup is dominant in Western Europe and quite prevalent in France, but the plot thickened when I discovered that my genes traced back to Iberian Celts who had migrated to France before the Roman era.

Further delving into the report unveiled that my maternal lineage traces back to the Near East, specifically to an area now encompassed by modern-day Iraq and Iran. The image of my ancient family members traversing continents and seas was overpowering, to say the least. Being a descendant of such seasoned travelers marinated my mind with a rush of romanticized images of ancient civilizations.

Moreover, my DNA contained a trace of Scandinavian genes, approximately fitting in with the Viking Age. Imagining my forebears as part of the legendary Norse seafarers sent a shiver down my spine. Added to my French, Celtic, and Middle Eastern roots, the Scandinavian connection brought a whole new level of complexity to my familial tapestry.

Embracing the journey outlined in my DNA report has broadened my understanding of my place on the global family tree. The knowledge of my unexpected diverse heritage was a tour de force in self-discovery. The iGENEA DNA test taught me that my family, the Morets, is a beautiful fusion of cultures from different corners of the world.

All these surprising revelations have left me humbled and ecstatic, providing numerous paths to explore my family's rich history in ways I could never have imagined.

L. Moret

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