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Unraveling the Strands of My Ancient Moretti Lineage Through a DNA Journey with iGENEA

Family name Moretti

By undergoing a comprehensive DNA test at iGENEA, my understanding of my surname, Moretti, has dramatically evolved. From unveiling the origins in Northern Italy to revealing potential professions of my ancestors, my journey with iGENEA has been punctuated with enlightenments of my heritage.

Embarking on a journey of genetic exploration with iGENEA, my expectation was to uncover the enigmatic roots of my surname - Moretti. I held sporadic tales from past generations but lacked clear evidence for these narratives. The DNA test transformed this obscurity into concrete information, providing a comprehensive overview of my forebears and unlocking the rich history woven into the name Moretti.

The entire DNA testing process was smooth and efficient. I received the testing kit expeditiously and the clear instructions made it simple for me, even as a novice. I swabbed my cheek, mailed the sample back, and waited in anticipation. iGENEA's correspondence kept me well-informed throughout the waiting period, which augmented the overall experience.

Upon receiving my results, a feeling of exhilaration enveloped me. Not only had the test identified the specific region where the Moretti family originated, but it had also traced the migration pattern followed by my ancestors. It was intriguing to learn that my lineage led back to Northern Italy and beyond, back to the Germanic tribes.

In fact, the name Moretti, being a derivative of 'more', the Italian word for 'moor', indicates an elaborate history. It’s fascinating to think about ancestors who, working as ‘morettis’, perhaps dyed fabrics or worked on leather. The test not only provided me with links to our roots but also a glimpse into the historical professions our lineage might have been engaged in.

A vital part of the iGENEA experience was the consultation with a genealogist. This expert illuminated the significance of the findings and offered additional insight into my family's historical contributions and societal structure. The discovery that my ancestors could potentially be among those who contributed to leather or dyeing industry or were of Germanic origin was enlightening.

Overall, the iGENEA DNA test fueled my understanding of my family history, linking me to a past that feels tangible and personal. It nurtured a stronger sense of kinship with my ancestors. The Moretti name no longer just embodies a family designation. It symbolizes a rich tapestry, intertwined with tales of migration, profession, and survival. The test opened up a treasure trove of historical context, thereby enriching the narrative connected to the name Moretti.

E. Moretti

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