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Surname Morgado - Meaning and Origin

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Morgado: What does the surname Morgado mean?

The last name Morgado has Portuguese origins, derived from the term "Morgado," which represented a feudal or legal practice common among the aristocracy in Portugal. The "Morgadio" system involved leaving the eldest son of a noble family the majority of the inheritance, including estates, titles, and wealth, which was intended to preserve family prestige and wealth over generations. The term "Morgado" typically means "eldest son" or "heir." Today, this last name is widespread in Portugal and Spanish-speaking countries, such as Spain, Mexico, and Chile. Using last names to indicate one's profession or societal status was common in this era. As a result, one can interpret Morgado as the family of the eldest son or the family of the heir.

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Morgado: Where does the name Morgado come from?

The last name Morgado originates from Portugal. It's an occupational surname that comes from the Portuguese term “morgado,” which means “eldest son.” In Portuguese custom, the eldest son traditionally inherited the majority of the family’s estate, so the surname implies an association with privilege and inheritance. In English, it is roughly equivalent to the term "entail" or "fee tail" in property law.

Today, Morgado remains common in Portugal and Brazil where the Portuguese emigrated during the country's colonial period. Additionally, due to further patterns of migration, it is also seen in other countries around the world, particularly in Spanish-speaking countries and regions with a significant Portuguese-speaking population, including the United States, Canada, and parts of Africa. Like many surnames, the exact distribution of Morgado varies, and on an individual basis, a person with the last name Morgado could be found almost anywhere in the world. Nonetheless, it is still most commonly associated with Portuguese culture and heritage.

Variations of the surname Morgado

The surname Morgado is primarily of Portuguese origin. However, there are a few variations and similar surnames across different cultures. Some of these include Morgada, Morganti, and Morganti. Another form of Morgado in Portuguese could be Morgão.

In Spanish-speaking countries, the equivalent surname would be Mayorazgo. However, in Spain, there is also a similar surname, Moragas, while in Italy, there is the Morghen surname.

In the past, names were often translated or transliterated based on phonetic similarity, so Morgado could have potentially been translated into English surnames like Morgan or Morgans.

Furthermore, there could also be an influence from the French surname, Morgan, which though spelled the same as the English name, has a different pronunciation.

Please note that while these surnames might share phonetic and spelling similarities with Morgado, they may not necessarily share the same origins or meaning. Surnames often have complex and multifaceted histories, influenced by geographical, occupational, and familiar factors, among others. Therefore, the origins and meaning of the surnames listed above could vary significantly.

Famous people with the name Morgado

  • José Miguel Morgado (Portuguese football player)
  • Pedro Morgado (Portuguese actor and presenter)
  • Carlos Morgado (Portuguese actor, comedian, theatre director and playwright)
  • Raquel Morgado (Portuguese actress)
  • Ricardo Morgado (Portuguese footballer)
  • Paulo Morgado (Portuguese football manager and former player)
  • Robson Morgado (Brazilian football player)
  • Mano Morgado (Brazilian comedy actor and screenwriter)
  • Elisabeth Morgado (Brazilian player and coach of the futsal)
  • Igor Morgado (Brazilian actor and television presenter)
  • Evanir Morgado (Brazilian racing driver)
  • Catarina Morgado (Portuguese swimmer)
  • José Morgado (Portuguese basketball player)
  • Mônica Morgado (Brazilian actress and voice actress)
  • Dedgley Maykon Morgado (Brazilian footballer)
  • Yuri Morgado (Brazilian footballer)
  • António Morgado (Portuguese harpsichord builder and expert)
  • Daniel Morgado (American basketball player)
  • Paul Morgado (American entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist)
  • Mathieu Morgado (French actor)

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