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Tracing the Celtic Origins of the Surname 'Morgan' Through DNA Analysis with iGENEA

Family name Morgan

Curiosity about the history behind my family name, 'Morgan', led me to embark on a DNA analysis journey with iGENEA... A fascinating, enlightening experience that unraveled my Celtic roots and shed light on the name 'Morgan', connecting me with my ancestors, the seafarers of the Celtic Sea.

During my search to understand my familial history, I decided to take a DNA test with iGENEA. My curiosity, particularly about my surname 'Morgan', which has always seemed to hold a mystery. iGENEA arrived as the perfect vessel to dive deep into my ancestry, unravelling the fascinating story embedded within me all along.

The personally tailored testing procedure was intriguing from the start. With a simple saliva sample, I set forth on a journey to the roots of my heritage. A few weeks after, I received my results in a detailed analysis. It opened up an enthralling treasure of narratives to me. The report equated my roots of being primarily of Celtic origin. This surprised me and instantly lit up my interest towards a region and culture I had nothing but a fleeting familiarity with.

The test explained that the name Morgan has Celtic origins, which resonates with the tales of folklore associated with it. The name itself is derived from two ancient Welsh words 'mor', meaning sea, and 'can', for bright, essentially making 'Morgan' the ‘Sea-Bright'. This revelation was an awe-inspiring perspective to look at an identity tag I carried all my life, but knew so little about.

My DNA was found to be in line with the haplogroups that predominate Western Europe, specifically in Celtic nations. The results postulated that my forebears were, in all probability, seafarers that voyaged across the Celtic Sea, from Ireland and Wales to Brittany and even to the Iberian Peninsula. It was empowering to think of my ancestors' unyielding spirits as they dared to navigate treacherous waters, shaping history as they went along.

Through comprehensive scientific data, iGENEA demonstrated that my familial lineage isn't a mere list of names but a vibrant thread woven through the rich tapestry of human history. The DNA data helped visualize an ancestral timeline, which expanded my comprehension of the lineage and history tied to my surname, making me feel more connected to my roots.

Overall, the DNA analysis from iGENEA was nothing short of enlightening. It traversed through time, unearthing familial roots, infusing life into my surname's history, making 'Morgan' more than just a name. This enlightening journey reassured me that we carry our history within us, encrypted in our genes.

Z. Morgan

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