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Surname Morrall - Meaning and Origin

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Morrall: What does the surname Morrall mean?

The surname Morrall is of English origin and is a variant of the surname Morrill. This surname has several possible interpretations. It could be derived from the Old English pre-7th century term "mor-hyll" meaning a "marshy hill", which indicates that the original bearer could likely have lived on or near such a location. Alternatively, it might be a locational surname derived from Morrell in Oxfordshire. Additionally, Morrall could be an occupational name for a moor-rider, from the Old English words 'mor' (moor, marsh) and 'ridere' (rider). As a nickname, it might refer someone dark-skinned or of a gloomy temperament; from the Middle English term 'morel', a dimunitive of 'mor' meaning 'dark' or 'black'. Like many other surnames, Morrall could indicate a geographic origin, occupation, or character trait of the original bearer.

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Morrall: Where does the name Morrall come from?

The last name Morrall is most commonly found in the United Kingdom. The surname is especially common in the southeastern English counties of Surrey and Sussex, where it has been around since the 13th century. It is also reasonably common in the nearby counties of Kent and Hampshire, as well as in the West Midlands.

The name Morrall originated from the Old English word mǣre, meaning “famous” or “renowned,” and the Anglo-Norman French suffix -al, denoting possession (i.e., “of X”). Therefore, Morrall means “of the famous” or “of the renowned.”

The surname is also found in the United States, where it arrived with English settlers in the 17th century. It is especially common in the Midwestern states such as Ohio, Kansas, Nebraska, and Michigan. In addition, Morrall can be found in numerous other countries, including Scotland, Ireland, Australia, and Canada.

Today, the last name Morrall is still used by many people across the world. It is especially popular in the United Kingdom, where it is a common surname among many families.

Variations of the surname Morrall

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Morrall include Murrell, Marrall, Muril, Merriel, Murrill, Murill, Morril, Morrell, Morill, Marrell, Marrill and Murrall.

Morrall originates from a pre-7th century Old French word ‘morel’, which means dark-haired or dark-skinned. The surname is descended from a Norman name and as such is shared by members of different European nations. It became ‘Morrall’ in England during the Middle Ages, and was probably influenced by the Old English pre-7th century words ‘mor’, and ‘halh’, which would have been spoken with a French accent.

The spelling version of Morrall is found in early records of Yorkshire, and by the 16th century, the surname variants of Morrill and Merril were also established. During the 17th century, the English language was extensively evolved, and the remaining versions of the surname started to appear, including Murril, Marrall and Marill.

In the 18th century, spellings of Murrill, Muril, Morrell, Murrall, Marrill and Marrell began to increase in popularity. The surname was also adopted in the United States, particularly during the wave of immigration from Europe in the early 19th century.

At the present time, all the versions of the surname remain popular, often used interchangeably. Meaning aside, a person’s surname is an important part of their identity, so the choice of spelling is an individual’s prerogative.

Famous people with the name Morrall

  • Earl Morrall: former professional American Football player in the National Football League (NFL)
  • John Morrall: actor and folk singer
  • Steve Morrall: English footballer
  • Brad Morrall: former professional ice hockey player
  • Bill Morrall: former American Football player and coach
  • Joseph Morrall: British soldier and Victoria Cross recipient
  • Bob Morrall: former professional American Football player
  • Joe Morrall: former American Football player and coach
  • Richard Morrall: English footballer
  • Martin Morrall: English footballer

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