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Surname Moscat - Meaning and Origin

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Moscat: What does the surname Moscat mean?

The last name Moscat most likely has Italian origins due to the reference of Moscato, a type of grape primarily grown and produced in Italy for making wine. Still, the exact meaning and significance of the surname Moscat might vary depending on the regional context and historical values. Surnames often emerged to serve specific practical purposes such as identifying individuals, often linked to occupation, place of birth, or distinguishing physical traits. Therefore, it's plausible that the name Moscat might have been associated with vineyard workers or winemakers. However, without specific historical or genealogical information, the meaning of the surname Moscat remains speculative. It is advisable for those interested to conduct personalized research into their family history for an accurate understanding.

Moscat: Where does the name Moscat come from?

The last name Moscat is most commonly found in Spain, where it is believed to have originated. The name is also found throughout Central and South America, particularly in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and El Salvador. It is also present throughout Italy, especially on the island of Sicily and in the northern regions of Calabria and Lombardy. Other countries where the name is seen at a much lower frequency include Germany, France, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

In the United States, the last name Moscat is ranked 19,089 out of 88,799 in terms of frequency with an estimated 108 people bearing the name. This puts the last name in the 57th percentile of common names in the United States. The highest concentration of the name Moscat lives in Texas, which is home to 24 people with the name. California and Florida also have a significant number of people with the last name Moscat.

Though Moscat is not especially common or widespread, it is not an exceedingly rare name either. Despite not being extremely widespread, there is a strong presence of the name around the world.

Variations of the surname Moscat

The surname Moscat is primarily of Spanish origin. It is derived from the medieval personal name Mosco or Mussa, which comes from the Greek “mousikos” meaning “of music, musical,” and in some cases, could have been a nickname for a musician.

The spelling variants of Moscat are Mussack, Mussak, Mussakk, Musack, Musak, Mousak, Muschak, Mussac, Muzac, Muszak, Mozzatt, Mussach, Mosquett, Mussat, Mussatti, Mussatto, Muzzatti, Muzzato, Muzzatti, and Muhlett.

The surnames derived from the same origin of Moscat include Muscat, Moscatel, Moscatell, Muscatell, Muscatelli, Musco, Muscovisa, Muscovich, Muschkowski, Mousquet, Musquet, Muski, Muzzac, and Muscató.

Many of the variants of the Moscat surname were changed by immigration officials on Ellis Island, who would often streamline names to make them easier for Americans to pronounce and remember. Thus, the spelling of Mussack, Mussak, Mussakk, Musack, Musak, Mousak, Muschak, Mussac, Muzac, Muszak, Mozzatt, Mussach, Mosquett, Mussat, Mussatti, Mussatto, Muzzatti, Muzzato, Muzzatti, and Muhlett may vary from the original.

Overall, the surnames derived from the same origin as Moscat have been adapted throughout different cultures and countries, leading to many variations in spelling and pronunciation.

Famous people with the name Moscat

  • Ivan Moscat: Argentine football (soccer) player and coach
  • Miguel Moscat: Argentine former professional footballer
  • Luis Enrique Moscat: Salvadoran former football (soccer) player
  • Lorenzo Moscat: Uruguayan footballer
  • Willy Moscat: Mexican boxer
  • Mayte Moscat: Mexican long-distance runner
  • Andrea Moscat: Venezuelan international football (soccer) player
  • Jhamil Moscat: Venezuelan football (soccer) player
  • Luis Moscat: Argentine footballer
  • Claudia Moscat: Ecuadorian television host, model, and former beauty queen

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