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Surname Motschall - Meaning and Origin

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Motschall: What does the surname Motschall mean?

Motschall, or Mötschl, is an interesting surname that is of German origin and of both Catholic and Jewish descent. It is of occupational origin, derived from the Middle High German word “mot”, which means “to motivate” or “to move”, and “schal”, which refers to “groups or herds”.

At some point in history, this name began to be used to describe someone who was a cattle herd or drover. This may have been a farmer who had to move his cattle from place to place, or a hired hand who was in charge of the cattle. The profession of drover is not commonly seen nowadays, but the surname remains.

The name Motschall has quite an interesting migration history. It is associated with the states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg in Germany in the 17th century. Families with Motschall as part of their name immigrated to America in the 1700s and 1800s, with branches in South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Connecticut.

Today, anyone with the surname Motschall is likely of German descent. This gives them a connection to a long history of drovers and farmers. It is also a unique name that is associated with both Catholic and Jewish ancestry – making it a unique and interesting name to share.

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Motschall: Where does the name Motschall come from?

The last name Motschall is most commonly associated with the northern German region of Schleswig-Holstein. It is one of the many common German surnames which stem from occupational activity during the Middle Ages, in this case from an ancestor who worked as a smiths. Traditionally, Schleswig-Holstein was a great emigration hub towards other areas of Europe such as the United States, where some descendants of the Motschall family eventually settled.

Today, the last name Motschall continues to be very popular in Germany, especially in Schleswig-Holstein and the bordering regions. There are other smaller Motschall enclaves in western Austria and the Czech Republic, as well as in parts of northern Italy and Switzerland.

Outside of Europe, the descendants of Motschall emigrants can be found all over the world in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and even South America. Equally, the name is likely to be encountered in other places due to emigrants from Europe settling in foreign nations.

Overall, the last name Motschall has remained fairly uniform and preserved its origins to some extent. It continues to remain popular in many areas of Germany and other adjoining countries around the world.

Variations of the surname Motschall

The surname Motschall is derived from the Middle High German word “motschol” and can be found in various forms in countries throughout Europe.

In Germany the surname is usually written as Motschall, though variations such as Motschl, Motsch, Motschel, Motzchel, Motschell, and Motzschell are also found. The German-speaking countries of Austria and Switzerland have the same variations of the name.

In the United Kingdom, the surname is spelled Motscall, Motsall, and Motsoll, while in France it is Motschal, Motshal, Motsahl, Motchael, and Motscahl. The Dutch spelling is Motschol, Motshol, Motsels, Motsols, and Motzols.

In Norway, the variants are Motechull, Motschen, and Motchsen. In Italy, the name is spelled Motzchelli, Motzl, and Motzli.

Surnames of similar origin that share the same root word include Motschmann, Motorsch, Motschman, Motschenbacher, and Mochella.

The surname Motschall is a symbol of an ancient heritage. From its humble beginnings, it has developed over time into various spellings and variants all across Eurasia, making it a truly pan-European surname.

Famous people with the name Motschall

  • Keith Motschall: professional football player
  • Jürgen Motschall: professional alpine skier
  • Lily Motschall: Australian actress
  • Paul Motschall: Austrian pianist
  • Margaret Motschall: American visual artist
  • Monika Motschall: German figure skater
  • Lori Motschall: American opera singer
  • Joseph Motschall: former archbishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Passau
  • Frank Motschall: German sculptor
  • Rob Motschall: American singer-songwriter
  • Willy Motschall: Austrian soccer player
  • Aaron Motschall: Canadian windsurfer
  • Ernst Motschall: Austrian Bernhardiner breeder
  • Thomas Motschall: German entrepreneur
  • Kelly Motschall: Canadian cross-country skier
  • Johannes Motschall: German jurist
  • Guillermo Motschall: Spanish filmmaker
  • Sarah Motschall: American photographer
  • Paul Motschall: Austrian Alpine skier
  • Oliver Motschall: German jazz musician

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