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Surname Moxon - Meaning and Origin

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Moxon: What does the surname Moxon mean?

The surname Moxon is of English origin, believed to have derived from the trade name of a miller. The etymology of the name can be traced to the old English pre 7th Century term "mocere" or "moxare" which mean "to grind (grain)". Over time, this term was associated with those who worked in flour mills and it gradually evolved into the surname Moxon. The name was originally used to describe a person's occupation, following the practice which was common in these historical times. So, a person named John Moxon could have been interpreted as "John, the miller". It is possible that areas of South Yorkshire and Derbyshire in England where there were mills also have a higher prevalence of this surname. Like many early surnames, accurate spelling varied over time and between regions, with variations including Moksen, Moxon, Moxson, Moxen and others. Today, the surname Moxon is spread across the world due to migration, but it still holds the strongest roots in the British Isles.

Moxon: Where does the name Moxon come from?

The surname Moxon originates from England. It is an occupational name derived from the old English pre 7th Century word, "Mocða”, indicating a maker of monk's clothing. The term later evolved to mean a dealer in hats or other headwear, and would have been given to someone involved in this trade. Moxon has several variant spellings including Moxen, Moxham, and Moxun.

The earliest recordings of the surname date back to the mid 16th century in Yorkshire, England. In terms of distribution today, the largest number of Moxons are found in England, predominantly in the area of West Riding, Yorkshire. However, over centuries the surname has spread to other parts of the world due to immigration, consequently, it can also be found in Australia, the United States, and Canada, although not in large numbers compared to England. The name is quite rare and not vastly common in any region.

Variations of the surname Moxon

The surname Moxon is of English origin, derived from the Old English pre 7th Century "Mocsa," a personal name, and "tun", meaning a settlement or farm. Therefore, Moxon means "Mocsa's farm." Though the name is fairly unique, it has undergone several variations and alternative spellings throughout history.

These include Moxen, Moxon, Mackson, Maxon, Mexton, and Muxton. It is also possible that Maxton, another English surname, could be related, as it also means "Maccus's town" in Old English.

The name Moxon has also spread to other countries and adapted to local languages, leading to further variations. It followed typical patterns of anglicization, losing and gaining letters based on pronunciation. In some cases, the letter "g" is substituted, creating Mogson or Mogsen, or the "x" in Moxon could be replaced with a "ks" or "cs". The most common variation in America is Moxson.

The same name was adopted as a surname by some families in France and Holland, resulting in the French Moxin and the Dutch Mokson. Moxon is not a common surname, so its variations are quite limited.

Famous people with the name Moxon

  • Stephen Moxon: author and researcher specialising in criminology.
  • J.R. Moxon: American actor who has appeared in films such as “Amistad”, “Goon”, and “The Genuine Article: An American Declaration of Independence”.
  • Henry Moxon: English portrait painter from the Victorian era.
  • John Moxon: English engraver and printer.
  • Anthony Moxon: British actor known for appearing in such films as “Chariots of Fire” and “Dracula: Prince of Darkness”.
  • Lydia Moxon: award-winning humanitarian, author, advocate, and speaker from Yorkshire, England.
  • Hilary Moxon: English folklorist and author, best known for her book A Handbook of British Folklore.
  • Vicki Moxon: British actress and stand-up comedian, who has appeared in television shows like Coronation Street and Dicenta, as well as performing on the West End theatre circuit.
  • John Moxon: Australian professional surfer.
  • Tracey Moxon: Australian professional bowler.

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