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Surname Moynes - Meaning and Origin

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Moynes: What does the surname Moynes mean?

The surname Moynes is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is believed to have derived from an old baptismal name. The name signifies 'the son of Moinet' which means 'petite or small.' It has also appeared in various forms throughout history such as Monnett, Moyon, Monet, and Mones. Like many surnames that originated from ancient baptismal names, the exact meaning can be difficult to trace due to changes in language and spelling over time. It's common for surnames to reflect physical characteristics, geographical locations, trades, or personal traits. Moynes, used as a surname, could likely also denote familial relationship to a progenitor named Moinet. It is relatively common in England, especially in regions traditionally populated by Anglo-Saxon tribes, and in some parts of France. Not all bearers of the surname Moynes may share the same genealogical roots, but may have adopted the name due to different reasons and circumstances.

Moynes: Where does the name Moynes come from?

The last name Moynes is believed to have originated in Ireland. It is a relatively uncommon surname, but those with the last name Moynes can be found living in various countries around the world today. In the United States, records suggest the number of people carrying the Moynes surname is around 1,000 individuals. This number is likely slightly higher today, but still small considering the US population.

In the United Kingdom, the majority of those with the surname Moynes hail from Northern Ireland. They make up about 0.001% of the overall population. The surname is also fairly common in England, where around 0. Stand 0002% of the population are Moynes.

In Canada, the surname is most common in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Approximately 0.001% and 0.002% of the population in those provinces have the surname, respectively.

The Moynes surname is not common in Australia, though records show that some individuals do carry the name today.

In Ireland itself, the surname is most common in the Republic of Ireland, where around 0.003% of the population carry the Moynes name. It is less common in Northern Ireland, where it is around 0.0003% of the population.

Overall, the Moynes surname is relatively uncommon today, but individuals with the name can be found in various countries around the world.

Variations of the surname Moynes

The surname Moynes is of French/Norman origin and it is thought to have been brought to England by the Normans after the invasion of 1066. There are several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin.

The most common variant spelling is Moyne, which can also been spelled Moynes. It is found throughout Europe, particularly in France, Belgium, and Switzerland. The name Moyne is quite popular in Ireland, where its Gaelic form is Muine, which also appears in the variation Moynagh.

In Scotland, the name Moyne was used to refer to people who lived near a moor or marsh. The variant spellings of this surname include Mounie, Mowne, Mouny, Monie, and Monney.

Most variant spellings of the Moyne surname are found in Scotland as well, including Maines, Mains, Main, and Manes. This surname can also be found in Ireland using variant spellings such as Moynev and Monie.

Additional variant spellings of the name Moyne include Monier, Mone, Mainier, Mainaire, Maines, Mauny, and Maigne. Monieu is another common surname found in France that shares the same root.

In Germany, the surname Moyne is found as Mohne. Other variants of this surname include Moineau, Monet, Monney, and Mouneau, which can all be found throughout Europe.

Overall, the surname Moynes can be found in many variations throughout Europe and beyond. It has a long history that is strongly rooted in French and Norman ancestry, and its many variants are evidence of its popular and widespread usage.

Famous people with the name Moynes

  • William Moynes: Superintendant of the Metropolitan Police Force in London during the 1930s.
  • Alan Moynes: British judge and barrister.
  • Jim Moynes: Canadian businessman and Member of Parliament.
  • Philip Moynes: British aristocrat and Member of Parliament.
  • Luke Moynes: British actor best known for his roles in films such as The Elephant Man.
  • Henry Moynes: British politician and Member of Parliament in the late nineteenth century.
  • Eric Moynes: British victualling agent during the Napoleonic wars.
  • Edward Moynes: Anglican clergyman and Royal Navy chaplain, who wrote numerous books on spiritual guidance.
  • David Moynes: Australian television presenter and newsreader.
  • John Moynes: Irish lawyer, judge, and former government minister best known for chairing the 1998 Good Friday Agreement tribunal.

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