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Surname Muellers - Meaning and Origin

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Muellers: What does the surname Muellers mean?

The surname Mueller is a German occupational surname derived from the German word “müller” which means “miller”. The Miller is a craftsman that works in a mill and turns grains such as wheat into flour. Traditionally, the surname was most commonly found in the region of Germany known as Bavaria, but is now found throughout Germany, Austria and other European countries, as well as the United States.

Other variations of the surname Mueller include Mueller, Muller, Muehle, Muelle and Muehler.

The name Mueller can be traced back to medieval times, when many influential families in Germany owned milling rights or had acquired other milling rights for their families. Owning a mill was an important and influential enterprise within a village or a small town in Germany, as it was often the source of income for many families.

The Mueller family is known to have provided several generations of influential figures in the German community and beyond. From medieval times to modern day, there have been many prominent Müllers in Germany, including scholars, military leaders, artists, and politicians. The surname is best known for its influential family history in the wine industry, where the Muellers have owned some of the top vineyards and winemakers in the country.

A number of German immigrants with the surname Mueller came to America in the 17th century to start a new life, often settling in Pennsylvania, where many Muellers still reside today. In modern times, the Mueller name can be found in all walks of life, as many descendants of the original Mueller family continue to carry the name and the legacy of their ancestors.

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Muellers: Where does the name Muellers come from?

The last name Mueller is most commonly associated with Germany and much of central Europe. It is one of the most common last names in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, respectively. Mueller is also found throughout the United States, especially in areas that had German immigrants.

In the US, the Mueller name is especially common in the Midwest. Missouri, for instance, is home to thousands of Mueller families. The name is also well established in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Throughout the south, Mueller is found as well, with clusters in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. The West Coast and East Coast also have Mueller families.

In fact, the Mueller surname is one of the 1,000 most common surnames in the US. The last name ranked at 632 in 2018, with over 75,500 people carrying the name. Unfortunately, the number of people with this name has dropped from the 1990s, when it was one of the 500 most prevalent names in the country.

Overall, Mueller is a widely distributed name throughout the United States, and many more countries.

Variations of the surname Muellers

The surname Mueller (or Mueller) is generally a Germanic occupational surname derived from the word “müller”, meaning “miller”. It is a common surname across the German-speaking world, and variations of it have been recorded in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and further afield, in both Europe and the United States.

Variants of this surname include Mueller, Muller, Müller, Muellner, Muellenbach, Muellein, Muellerin, Muellers, Muellner, Muelhofer, Muhl, Muehlbauer, Muellerich, Muellerke, Muellermann, Mullermeier, Muller-Meyer, Mueller-Volkert, Muellerer, Mulleer, Moeller, Moehle, Moller, Mohle, Mühle, Molle, Mulle, Moliner, Muehlmann, Muehlner, Muhlenberg, Muehlthaler, Muehlenkamp, Mullerhoff, Muellerhoff, Muellering, Mullecker, Muellenkamp, Müller-Kassel, Muellejans, Muellerleile, Mulerig, Muelhauser, Muehler, Mueller-Mozlberger, Muehlenbrink, Muller-Schneider, Muellerpacher, Mulerspacher, Muehlhausen, Muelken, Muehlschlegel, and Muhlhahn.

In the United States, the surname is most commonly spelled Mueller or Muller; variants such as Muelhofer and Muellerleile are more commonly encountered in Germany and Austria. In addition, surname spellings of this name can be quite varied, with such examples as Moeller, Mulerig, and Muhlhahn being recorded in public documents.

The earliest recorded instances of this surname date back to Prussian records of the 13th century. It is possible that pre-13th century instances of this surname may have been created due to the local dialect and language being different than that of modern-day Germany.

The surname is reported to be the 29th most common family name in Germany, and as such, is widely distributed across the country. Variants of this surname and spellings of it are also found in the United States, with many immigrants from Germany bringing the name with them in the mid-1800s.

Famous people with the name Muellers

  • Enno Mueller (German physicist)
  • Franz Anton Mueller (Austrian microscopist and entomologist)
  • Hermann Georg Mueller (American geneticist and Nobel Laureate)
  • Roman Müller-Rommel (German soccer player)
  • Carola Muellers (Dutch swimmer) 6.Michael Muellers (German entrepreneur and professor of innovation at the London School of Economics)
  • Eva Muellers (German Minister of Health from 1988 to 1998)
  • Karl Muellers (German swimmer)
  • Johann Muellers (German painter)
  • Heinrich August Muellers (German opera conductor)
  • Ulrich Muellers (German cross-country skier)
  • Olaf Muellers (German modern pentathlete)
  • Vic Muellers (American football executive and coach)
  • Stefan Muellers (Liechtenstein footballer)
  • Mario Muellers (German cinematographer)
  • Jan Muellers (Dutch sculptor)
  • Matthias Muellers (German composer and music director)
  • Nadia Muellers (Belgian artist)
  • Bob Muellers (former US federal prosecutor and lawyer)
  • Renate Muellers (Swiss luger)

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