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Surname Nagli - Meaning and Origin

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Nagli: What does the surname Nagli mean?

The last name Nagli doesn't have a universally recognized meaning as it can be found in different cultures and languages worldwide. In India, it could be related to the Marathi term "Nagli" which refers to a type of millet or grain. In Latvian, "Nagli" is a term for fishhooks, so the surname might have originated from an ancestor who was a fisherman. In Croatian, "Nagli" means "sudden" or "abrupt". As a surname, it can also be a toponymic name derived from "Nagli" the name of various places in Estonia and Italy. Like many surnames, Nagli can be based on an occupation, location, or even a nickname. However, without a specific cultural or geographic reference, it's difficult to provide an accurate meaning. To understand the meaning or origin of the surname Nagli in a specific context, it would be best to trace back family histories or conduct an intensive genealogical research.

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Nagli: Where does the name Nagli come from?

Nagli is an unusual last name, and it is not clear exactly when or where the first members of this family lived. However, some studies suggest that the name is of Germanic and/or Scandinavian origin. Today, the most common countries for this surname are Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

The surname can be found in Austria mostly in the East Tyrol region which is located in the border area between Austria and Italy. In Germany, the name is more widespread, especially in the states of Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. In Switzerland, it can mostly be found in the German speaking region around the Zurich area, but it can also be found in some parts of the French speaking region.

Today, the name is estimated to be relatively uncommon. A recent census shows that there are only about 11,500 people with the surname Nagli in Austria, 11,800 in Germany, and 1,000 in Switzerland. However, there are still people living with the name Nagli in other countries including the USA, Canada, and a few scattered around in other parts of Europe.

The etymology of the name is contested, but it is believed to be derived from the Old German words "naht" or "nahe", which mean close, near, or related. The name could also have derived from the Slavic word “Naga”, which means side or near. Whatever the case may be, the Nagli surname is still found in a few places around the world today.

Variations of the surname Nagli

Nagli is an Irish surname that may have originated with the ancient Gaelic name O'hAilgheanaigh, which means 'descendant of Ailgheanach'. This name is sometimes anglicized as Nagle, Naille, Nail, O'Naly, Nally, Naley, Nailley, Naghly, and Nailly.

The surname Nagli can be traced back to 9th century Ireland. The surname was first found in County Cork, where it is believed to have originated from an ancient sept of Uí Aiilgeannach. During the tenth and eleventh centuries, this sept migrated to the adjacent county of Tipperary, where they became known as Clan O'Nally.

The spelling of Nagli has also changed over time. Early records of the surname indicate that it may have been spelled as 'O'h-AillghCnaidhe', 'O'hÁilgheanaigh', 'O'Naely' or 'Naellagh'. By the eighteenth century, the most common spelling had become Nagle.

Ultimately, the variants of Nagli trace back to the ancient Gaelic name O'hAilgheanaigh and include Nagle, Naille, Nail, O'Naly, Nally, Naley, Nailley, Naghly, and Nailly. It is believed that these surnames may have been derived from the Middle Gaelic elements 'aill' (grave or venerated) and 'cennach' (blessed or saintly). Today, the Nagli surname can be found all across Ireland, with its variants scattered across the globe.

Famous people with the name Nagli

  • Joselyn Nagli: jazz singer from Peru.
  • Yitzhak Nagli: singer-songwriter from Israel.
  • Shlomo Nagli: operatic soprano from Israel.
  • Eldar Nagli: actor from Azerbaijan.
  • Paulina Nagli: Brazilian actress.
  • Gretel Nagli: Argentinian comic book author and illustrator.
  • Akiva Nagli: Israeli novelist and journalist.
  • Candy Naguil: Filipino actress.
  • Avots Nagli: Estonian hip-hop artist.
  • Dodul Nagli: Israeli rock guitarist and singer-songwriter.
  • Kay Nagli: American photographer.
  • Emile Nagli: French street artist and illustrator.
  • Gilles Nagli: Italian cinematographer.
  • Amabelle Nagli: Filipino fashion designer.
  • Tami Nagli: Israeli businesswoman and entrepreneur.
  • Lesley Nagli: English author and poet.
  • Miki Nagli: Bulgarian composer and songwriter.
  • Viola Nagli: Russian cellist and teacher.
  • Ruben Nagli: Serbian visual artist and sculptor.

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