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Surname Neiderquell - Meaning and Origin

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Neiderquell: What does the surname Neiderquell mean?

The last name Neiderquell (or Neider Quell) is a German surname meaning "low force" or "low stream". Historically, it has been found primarily in northern Germany. The surname may have referred to an ancestor who lived in a low-lying area near a water source, or perhaps who was part of a family who operated a milling business on a creek.

The earliest known reference to the name Neiderquell dates back to April 14, 1650, when a man named Galland us Neiderquell was recorded in the church register at Leer in Ostfriesland, Germany. This document places him in the middle of that century, so he was likely the patriarch of the Neiderquell line.

Over the course of the following two centuries, the Neiderquell family spread throughout northern Germany, as well as into other parts of the world, including the United States. In America, the Neiderquell family has included a number of prominent members, including August Neiderquell, a pastor and author of several books, and Elisabeth Neiderquell, one of the first American women to receive a patent.

Though the original meaning of Neiderquell is now largely forgotten, the name is still found in Germany and in other places around the world, a testament to the longevity and global impact of this line of ancestors.

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Neiderquell: Where does the name Neiderquell come from?

The surname Neiderquell is most common in the German-speaking countries of the European Union, particularly in Germany. Specifically, it is most frequent in the states of Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate, and North Rhine-Westphalia. Neiderquell was originally an occupational name derived from the German word quelle, meaning “source.” The suffix nieder- indicates someone who is a specialist in the activity or profession.

In other parts of the globe, Neiderquell is a much rarer name. In the United States, for example, there have only been a few individuals recorded in the census with this name. In the United Kingdom it is vanishingly rare, and there may be as few as one individual who carries it.

In fact, the surname is so rare that it doesn’t appear in many genealogical databases and there are no proper records kept of those who bear it. Even if you carry the name, it can be hard to trace and discover further information about the name’s history and meaning.

Despite its rarity, the Neiderquell name has been found to date back to the 14th century in the German region of Westphalia. Those bearing the name today likely originate from the same region, most having stayed in the same area for several generations prior. Ultimately, the name’s greatest concentration remains in Germany.

Variations of the surname Neiderquell

The surname Neiderquell is a German surname derived from the words “Neider” meaning “low” and “Quelle” meaning “source”. This could possibly denote a person from a lowly status who came from a certain source.

The most common variants of Neiderquell are Niederquell, Niederkeul, Niederkehl, and Nieterkeul.

A few alternate spellings for Neiderquell also exist, such as Neidertkeul, Nidertkehl, Nidertquell, and Nieterqueul.

The Neiderquell surname can also be found in a variety of anglicized forms. These include Neederquell, Neckerquell, Neckerquell, Neederkehl, Neckarkehl, Neckerkehl, Neigherquell, and Neigherkehl.

Additional surnames that may be related to Neiderquell include Niederquell, Niedertkehl, and Neighertkehl.

Although the origin of the Neiderquell surname is unclear, it is believed to have originated in Eastern Europe, particularly Germany or Austria. Throughout the centuries, the surname has also been adopted by individuals from other countries such as the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Lithuania, and even the United States. Moreover, since Neiderquell is such an uncommon name, those who share it are likely to be distantly related.

Famous people with the name Neiderquell

  • August Neiderquell: Austrian actor and playwright
  • Axel Neiderquell: German football goalkeeper
  • Ursula Neiderquell: German artist and book illustrator
  • Johann Neiderquell: Austrian physician and natural scientist
  • Herbert Neiderquell: German painter
  • Anna Neiderquell: German actress and theater manager
  • Heinrich Neiderquell: Austrian museum and art director
  • Bart Neiderquell: American opera singer
  • Tina Neiderquell: German visual artist
  • Max Neiderquell: Austrian landscape painter

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