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Surname O'Boyle - Meaning and Origin

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O'Boyle: What does the surname O'Boyle mean?

The last name O'Boyle is an Irish surname of Gaelic origin derived from the O' Baoighill clan. It is most commonly found in Northern Ireland, with some examples in the United States and Canada. It is most likely connected to the term "baigheall" which refers to a ring fort.

The O'Boyle clan is part of the ancient Uí Baoighill family, one of the northern branches of the Uí Néill dynasty who held the title of 'ollamh', or chief judge and scholar of Ireland. The origins of O'Boyle are found in county Donegal, where members of the clan were prominent before spreading to other parts of Ulster.

Variations on the name O'Boyle include O'Beollain, O'Byollan, O'Beighan, O'Baillie, O'Bailie, and Bialey. Other notable O'Boyle's include past president of Ireland, Erskine Hamilton O'Boyle, and artist and painter, Robert O'Boyle, as well as Irish playwright, James O’Boyle.

The O'Boyle clan is noted for their remarkable loyalty and fortitude. As part of the northern Uí Néill, they played an important role in Irish history, upholding their place in Irish society with undaunted courage. Today, the name O'Boyle is still vibrant among the Irish diaspora. It is a proud symbol of the O’Boyle’s distinguished heritage, and a reminder of their loud voice in Irish history.

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O'Boyle: Where does the name O'Boyle come from?

The last name O'Boyle is most prominently found in Ireland and parts of Scotland today. O'Boyle is an Irish surname deriving from the Gaelic Ó Baoighill which means descended from a descendant of Baoigheall, an ancient personal name. It is a sept, or family group, of the well known and powerful McGrath Clan, which is located in Tipperary and County Clare, Ireland.

In Ireland, O'Boyle is classified by the Irish Central Statistics Office as the 43rd most common surname. It is especially popular in counties such as Galway, Cavan, Fermanagh, and Donegal, where it is found among the population at rates above the national average. The surname is also especially prevalent in the Ulster Province and in County Antrim.

In Scotland, the last name is found predominantly in the Highlands region with above average frequency. It is also found in the city of Glasgow in greater numbers than previously reported, although no reliable statistics exist.

Outside of Ireland and Scotland, the last name O'Boyle is found all the over the world, especially in the United States, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and South Africa. This is thanks to Irish emigration to the diaspora. Additionally, the name is commonly seen in the United Kingdom, especially in urban centers such as London.

Variations of the surname O'Boyle

The surname O’Boyle is an Irish surname that comes from the Gaelic name of Ó Baoighill (“descendant of Baoighill”). It is mainly found in County Donegal in the northwest of Ireland.

The variants of the surname O’Boyle are O’Boil, O’Boyl, O’Biehl, and O’Bayle. Variations on these spellings have also been seen, including O' Byle, O'Beyle, O'Boill, O'Boyille, O'Boille, and O'Beille. It can also occasionally be seen spelled without the apostrophe, as OBoyle.

The Irish version of the surname, Ó Baoighill, is usually anglicised as O’Boyle. Other anglicised forms, however, include Boyles, Bail, Bailes, Baylis, Bayliss, Bailie, Baillie, and Boyll. Bailey, Baillargeon, Ballengee, Baillie, Beal, Bayles, and Beaullieu are all variants of the same origin.

In Scotland, the surname is also a variant of Boyle. Scotland also has its own variation of the Irish O'Boyle, known as McBoyle, which is usually seen in Aberdeenshire.

The surnames O'Boyle and its variants are all found in Ireland and Scotland, often near the borders, but the majority of those who bear it are Irish. It has spread around the world as more Irish families have began to emigrate, and it can now be found in the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries.

Famous people with the name O'Boyle

  • Phil O'Boyle: Former Australian rules footballer from the Geelong and North Melbourne Football Clubs, who played in the Victorian Football League.
  • Paul O'Boyle: New Zealand born actor who has had roles in both television and film, including in the popular series Outrageous Fortune and the movie The Almighty Johnsons.
  • Austin O'Boyle: Former professional basketball player who had a lengthy career in Europe and Australia, starring for the Luxembourg youth club, among others.
  • Kieron O'Boyle: British filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles. He's known for Y--The Last Man, The Gentlest Assassin and Fugitive.
  • Darran O'Boyle: Northern Irish musician and record producer, best known as the frontman of indie rock band The Answer.
  • Paul O'Boyle: Canadian actor, writer and producer, who is most recognized for his role in the film Canadian Bacon, and his work on the sitcoms The Kids in the Hall and Slings & Arrows.
  • Eamonn O'Boyle: Irish sports broadcaster and former Gaelic footballer, who currently works as a broadcaster on RTÉ's GAA Hour.
  • Jack O'Boyle: Veteran broadcaster and journalist from New York City, who currently works as the senior sports anchor and reporter for NBC Sports.
  • Margaret O'Boyle: Theatre director and producer based in Dublin, Ireland, who has worked with the Abbey Theatre and the Dublin International Theatre Festival.
  • Mary O'Boyle: British-born composer who has written for theatre, film, television and radio. She has also composed music for many well-known Irish folk bands.

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