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Surname O'Canning - Meaning and Origin

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O'Canning: What does the surname O'Canning mean?

The last name O'Canning is a surname originating from Ireland, with its roots being found in the Irish language. The surname is derived from the ancient Gaelic personal name 'Ó Cannain', and as such the O' prefix is used to indicate "descendant of".

Historically, the O'Canning name was first found in County Galway, but it has since spread into many other counties in Ireland, as is the case with many Irish surnames. The O'Canning family were prominent landowners in their respective areas, and held a prominent title, that of 'Chieftain'.

The O'Canning surname and its associated O' prefix is still widely seen throughout Irish culture today. The O'Canning family is still relatively prominent in Ireland, and name is commonly used in various social and political circles.

The O'Canning name is now found throughout the world, as many people of the Irish diaspora have taken the name with them to their various new homes. This has been a relatively recent development however, and the surname has been in use in Ireland since ancient times.

The O'Canning name is a symbolic representation of a proud Irish heritage and can be seen throughout the world today. It is steeped in the history and culture of Ireland and will continue to live on for generations to come.

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O'Canning: Where does the name O'Canning come from?

The surname O'Canning is commonly found today throughout Ireland and the diaspora of Irish families. As the Gaelic or Irish name "O Ceanainn" or "Ó Céanainn," the Irish variant of the name translates to "descendant of Céanann," an ancient personal name meaning "wolf."

In Ireland, the surname O'Canning is found primarily in the counties of Galway, Roscommon, and Offaly. In today's spelling, the name O'Canning is no longer used nearly as frequently in Ireland as it was centuries ago. Outside of Ireland, the surname has spread across the world as immigrants from Ireland moved abroad. O'Canning is commonly found in the United States, particularly in states with larger Irish populations, such as New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Outside of the United States, the name is especially found in Australia, England, Scotland, and Canada.

The O'Canning name is still seen in the modern day, both inside and outside of Ireland. With its Gaelic origins, the name has spread all over the globe, allowing the family name to thrive and remain a part of today's communities around the world.

Variations of the surname O'Canning

The surname O'Canning has a variety of spellings and alternate forms. The variations include: O'Cannan, Cannan, Canan, Cannun, and Canning. These spellings are used commonly in both Ireland and Scotland.

The O'Canning family originated in Ireland and can trace their roots back to the early 6th century. The original name was 'Ó Canannáin'. The O'Cannan or Canan, often used in Scotland, is derived from the ancient Gaelic 'MacCannan', meaning 'son of the wolf'.

In the early 19th century, the name was also anglicised to Canon, O'Canin, Canone, and Canning. In 1810, Canning was the 10th most popular surname in Ireland. In Scotland, it was among the 100 most common names.

The O'Canning family was one of the six 'Leinster' clans of Gaelic Ireland and held several titles and lands. The family crest is a red griffon lion. Members of this family played an important part in the history of Ireland. One of its members, Sir Charles Canning, was Governor-General of India from 1858 to 1861.

Many members of the O'Canning family continue to live in Ireland and the diaspora across the world. In modern-day Scotland, there is a town called Canning that is most likely named after the ancient family.

Today, people around the world trace their heritage to the historic O'Canning family.

Famous people with the name O'Canning

  • Cora O'Canning: an Irish-born television actress
  • William O'Canning: a British Politician
  • Gerald O'Canning: a notable Canadian political commentator and media personality
  • Stephen O'Canning: an American illustrator and comic book artist
  • Edward O'Canning: an Irish composer
  • Michael O'Canning: a Thai and American musician and former Member of Parliament
  • John O'Canning: an award- winning film and television producer
  • Claire O'Canning: an Australian playwright
  • Scott O'Canning: an American voice actor
  • Conor O'Canning: a German filmmaker and actor

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