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Surname O'Coilean - Meaning and Origin

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O'Coilean: What does the surname O'Coilean mean?

The last name O'Coilean is derived from the Old Irish Ua Cúileáin, meaning 'descendant of Cúileán'. Cúileán is a Gaelic term derived from 'cúilíneach', meaning 'cub, whelp, pup'. It is believed that the last name was originally given to a person who was of wolf-like attributes or a lover of wolves.

The O’Coilean family in Ireland were originally found in the province of Ulster, with concentration points in Donegal, Leitrim, and Fermanagh. The O’Coileans originated in East Donegal near Ballyshannon in the sept of O'Ceallaigh. The sept of O'Ceallaigh have a direct connection with the O'Reilly clan, which can still be seen today in the coat of arms of O'Reilly in East Donegal. The O'Coilean family have spread to many other parts of the world, most notably the United States, Canada, and Australia.

The O'Coilean family have been associated with many professions over the years, including doctors, authors, agriculturalists, business owners, military personnel, and many more. These professions reflect the nature of the O'Coilean family, who have been an influential family in Ireland for centuries.

Today, the O'Coileans family still exist in many places around the world. They are a testament to the hard work and determination of their ancestors and are proud keepers of their family legacy.

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O'Coilean: Where does the name O'Coilean come from?

The last name O'Coilean is most common in Ireland, where it originated. It is speculated to be the anglicized version of the Gaelic O Conghalaigh, which could have derived from the Gaelic words for “wolf” and “champion”, respectively.

The largest concentration of O'Coileans is in the Grenant area of County Cork, Ireland, where it is estimated that 35 percent of individuals living there carry the name. The name is also found in Northern Ireland and the UK, but with much less frequency than in Ireland.

Outside of the UK and Ireland, there is an even sparser population of surnamed individuals. Australia, the United States, Canada, and South Africa all contain at least a few O'Coilean families.

In the US, most O'Coileans are in the Midwest or East Coast. Wisconsin, Illinois, and Massachusetts are some of the more popular places for the family name. There are some in California as well, however.

The O'Coilean surname can still carry a certain sense of pride for those who bear it, centuries after its origin. It is an example of the Irish diaspora, reflecting the history of the British Isles in its expansion all over the world.

Variations of the surname O'Coilean

O'Coilean is an old Irish surname which originates from the Gaelic name Mac Uilliam. It is an anglicised form of the Gaelic Mac Uilliam and the root is meaning 'son of William'.

The variant spellings of O'Coilean are Mac Wily, McWillie,illing, McWilley and McWilliam.

The surname is also connected to other Irish Gaelic surnames such as Mac Cloy, Cloyne and Cloyd. It is also an adaptation of the less common surname O'Cullen.

The O'Coilean surname is found throughout the Irish Sea regions including Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man and Ireland. The surname can also be seen in other locations worldwide, with people of O'Coilean descent found in the United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The O'Coileans were fishermen, and the seafarer's life was a central part of the families' lives. Many O'Coileans would have gone to sea to seek a better life, as the family was fairly impoverished in their homeland.

Some of the associated surnames of O'Coilean are O'Cullen, Kilkenny, McCully, Cloy, Willy and McNeill.

The surname has been around for generations, so its variants and spellings, as well as derivatives of it, will continue to be used in the future.

Famous people with the name O'Coilean

  • Barry O'Coileain: Irish artist, sculptor, and musician
  • Catherine O'Coileain: Journalist and broadcaster
  • Conan O'Coileain: Irish actor, singer, dancer and comedian
  • Deirdre O'Coileain: Irish stage and television actress
  • Eamon O'Coileain: Former Chief Editor and broadcaster in RTÉ News and Current Affairs
  • Eoin O'Coileain: Irish novelist and playwright
  • Feargal O'Coileain: Former Chairman and Chief Executive of Ryanair
  • James O'Coileain: Irish writer, comedian, actor and playwright
  • John O'Coileain: Irish sportsperson and former professional boxer
  • Kevin O'Coileain: Irish politician and former international rugby union player
  • Mairead O'Coileain: Irish politician
  • Shane O'Coileain: Irish Musician and former television presenter
  • Stephen O'Coileain: Irish former professional soccer player
  • Tom O'Coileain: Irish former Gaelic footballer
  • Tomas O'Coileain: Irish traditional musician

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