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Surname O'Conor - Meaning and Origin

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O'Conor: What does the surname O'Conor mean?

The last name O'Connor (or O'Conor) is an anglicized version of the Irish surname "Ó Conchobhair," derived from the Gaelic words “con" meaning "hound," and "chobhar" meaning "desiring." This suggests that the name is derived from an ancestor whose occupation was the pursuit of hounds, or a hunter.

The O'Connor family is one of the most prominent of the Irish Gaelic clans, and one of the most influential families in Irish history. They trace their lineage back to the 10th century when the family was seated at the kingship of Connacht. Later they were pushed out of their ancestral homeland and settled in the Munster province, where their power and influence grew until the end of the 17th century.

Today, the O'Connor name is still an important one in Ireland, and members of the family can be found all around the world. It is estimated that there are more than one million people with the O'Connor name living in Ireland, as well as in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and throughout the United Kingdom.

The O'Connors have left their mark on Ireland in many ways, including their extensive contributions to the military, politics, business, and culture of the country. They are also known for their musical traditions, poetry, and socialite lifestyle.

The O'Connor clan still remains an important part of the Irish culture and heritage, and its members proudly display their family name wherever they go. The O'Connors are proof that strength, loyalty, and persistence are still important traits in modern Irish family life.

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O'Conor: Where does the name O'Conor come from?

The last name O'Conor is commonly found in Ireland, especially in the province of Connacht. This is because the name is derived from the long ruling Gaelic Irish Kingdom of Uí Conchobhair, which was centered around Connacht. As a result, most people bearing the O'Conor surname can be found in the counties of Mayo, Galway, and Roscommon located in Connacht.

Other areas in which the last name O'Conor is famous by the Irish diaspora can also be found in the United Kingdom, North America, and Australia. Immigrants who settled in the early twentieth century arrived from Connacht, and the influence of those names remain in the public record since then.

The use of the O' in the last name is a common variant of other similar Irish surnames, including O'Brien, O'Mrourke, O'Neill, and O'Hara. In these cases, the prefix “O'” follows Gaelic custom and is used to identify members of the same family or tribe. Although today it is most commonly associated with the Republic of Ireland, the O'Conor name is found in many countries and cultures around the world.

Variations of the surname O'Conor

The surname O'Conor is of Irish origin and is believed to mean "descendant of Conchobar". It is an Anglicised version of the Irish surname Ó Conchubhair. The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for O'Conor include:

1. O'Conner

2. O’Connor

3. O'Connors

4. O'Conor Don

5. O'Conner Don

6. Conner

7. Connors

8. Coners

9. O Conchubhair

10. O' Conor

11. O'Coner

12. O'Conaire

13. Uí Chonchobhair

14. Conor

15. Konception

16. Conchy

17. Conny

There may also be other variants and spelling variations depending on the local dialect of the area the surname traditionally originates from. Other surname variants of O'Conor may include Conachy, Conaghey, Conaghey, Conagher, Conaghy, Cony, Connaghan, MacConkey, McConkey, McConaghy, McConchie, McConcey, McConnachie, O'Konachy, O'Konekey, O'Konchobharach, O'Konachy, O'Conara, O'Maconchi, O'Conchaighe, O'Chonchyr, O'Concy, O'Conchie.

The O'Conor Don is the highest ranked member of the O'Conor family and is known as the King of Connacht. The title is very rare and there have only been four in the 1000-year history of the family.

Overall, the surname O'Conor is a well-known Irish surname with a range of variants, spelling variations and surnames of the same origin.

Famous people with the name O'Conor

  • Sinéad O'Connor: Irish singer-songwriter, music producer and author
  • Síle Seoige: Irish television presenter and journalist
  • Ed O'Connor: Irish actor and comedian
  • Maureen O'Connor: American professional golfer and member of the World Golf Hall of Fame
  • Donal O'Connor: Irish actor, writer and director
  • Cormac O'Connor: Irish actor
  • Shane O'Connor: Australian actor
  • Donough O'Connor: Irish television presenter
  • Jack O'Connor: Irish Gaelic footballer
  • Evelyn O'Conor: Irish pianist and harpsichordist
  • Conchita O'Connor: Irish composer and pianist
  • Francis O'Connor: Irish film director and producer
  • Pierce O'Connor: American surgeon and professor
  • Marceline O'Connor: Irish poet
  • Bronagh O'Connor: Irish harpist
  • Cormac O'Connor: Irish fine art painter
  • Danny O'Connor: Irish competitive swimmer
  • J.H. O'Connor: Irish judge and barrister
  • Niall O'Connor: Irish rugby union footballer
  • Maire O'Connor: Irish poet, novelist, playwright and actor

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