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Surname O'Corry - Meaning and Origin

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O'Corry: What does the surname O'Corry mean?

The surname O'Corry is an Irish surname, derived from the old Gaelic name O'Corraidh. It is found mainly in County Cork, but is also present in other parts of Ireland and in other countries. The literal translation of the surname is "Descendant of Corraidh". Corraidh (or Corroi) was an old Irish personal name meaning "spear-man".

The O'Corrys trace their origin to the 10th Century, when they were part of the ruling Eoghanacht Chaisil dynasty of County Cork. Later, they were powerful stewards of the Chaisil Septs in the region, with their home being near Cobh. Over the centuries, they dispersed across Ireland and around the world.

The O'Corrys have produced many well-known Irish figures. These include William O'Curry, an Irish geologist and historian; John O'Corry, the Irish poet; and Peter O'Corry, the 19th Century Irish American politician.

The O'Corrys have a proud heritage and are a symbol of resilience and achievement in Irish history. Many individuals in the modern world continue to bear the name and carry on the O'Corry legacy, both in Ireland and around the world.

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O'Corry: Where does the name O'Corry come from?

The last name O'Corry is found primarily in Ireland and British Isles countries. It is quite common in Northern Ireland, especially County Antrim. Many O'Corrys are also found throughout Scotland and parts of England, such as North Yorkshire.

In recent years, a larger number of people from all parts of the British Isles have moved to other countries. As a result, it should not be surprising to find O'Corry in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. It is most likely that these immigrants or their descendants are from areas where the last name is popular.

Those who have traveled to the United States from Ireland or the UK may also bring the name O'Corry along with them. This could explain why the name is a bit more common there than in other parts of the world. O'Corrys can also be found in different parts of the United States where Irish immigration was significant.

Although the origins of the name remain unclear, the fact that it exists in various countries and regions of the world demonstrates the willingness of the O'Corry family to spread out and explore different parts of the globe. The name has certainly made its mark on the world today.

Variations of the surname O'Corry

The surname O'Corry is an old Irish surname from the Gaelic 'O' Conaire'. O'Corry is a variant of the original Irish form 'O' Conaire', which can be spelled various ways, such as O'Conaire, O'Coneaire, O'Konner, O'Conaire, O'Connor, O'Konor, and O'Correy.

The variations of this name can be divided into two sections. These sections are and Irish (Gaelic) version and an Anglicized version. The Irish or Gaelic version includes spellings such as O'Conaire, O'Coneaire and O'Konner. The Anglicized version includes O'Connor, O'Konor, and O'Correy.

The variations of this name can also be divided by location, with more spellings of the family name found in Ireland, Scotland, and parts of England. Many of these variations are linked to the various dialects spoken in different regions of these areas.

Additionally, some members of the O'Corry family may spell their names differently in other countries. This could include versions such as O'Konor, O’Corri, O'Carrey, and O'Carrie. It is also possible, though unlikely, that some members of the family have changed the spelling of their last name in order to appear more Anglicized, possibly introducing different spellings of the name.

No matter which spelling is used, the surname O'Corry remains one of the oldest surnames in Irish history, with its origins dating back to the 10th century.

Famous people with the name O'Corry

  • John O'Corry: a retired Irish politician.
  • John Francis O'Corry: a 19th century American legislator and lawyer from Pennsylvania.
  • Jack O'Corry: Canadian actor and model.
  • Nicholas O'Corry: soccer player for the Portland Timbers in Major League Soccer.
  • Alan O'Corry: an Irish hurler who played for the Cork senior team.
  • Sean O'Corry: an Irish football goalkeeper from County Galway.
  • Neil O'Corry: an experienced graphic designer and illustrator.
  • Frank O'Corry: an Irish author and playwright.
  • Brendan O'Corry: a popular Irish musician and singer-songwriter.
  • Mary O'Corry: an American mezzo-soprano, best known for her operatic roles with multiple companies.
  • Patrick O'Corry: a former Irish professional footballer who now works in public relations.
  • Michael O'Corry: a British politician and former Secretary of State for Scotland.
  • Brian O'Corry: a London-based Irish composer, producer, and arranger.
  • Alan O'Corry Broyd: an English mathematician at University College London.
  • Curly O'Corry: a professional basketball player who played most of his career for the San Antonio Spurs.

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