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Surname Ó Fury - Meaning and Origin

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Ó Fury: What does the surname Ó Fury mean?

The last name Ó Fury is an Irish surname. It is based on the Gaelic surname O Fuaraidh, which may refer to a number of related families. It was originally given to people from the village of Fuaraidh in the kingdom of Leinster in present day County Offaly. The name is derived from the Irish word fuar meaning ‘cold’ or ‘chill’, suggesting that the original holders of the name were people from an area with a colder climate. It is likely that the families who took the surname Ó Fury were not directly related, but were rather united by their geographical origin and shared ancestors.

The surname has been used across Ireland since the late medieval period. It would have been given to many people who left their homelands in search of opportunity in other parts of the world, contributing to the wide spread of the name. Families with the surname Ó Fury will usually have an oral tradition passed from generation to generation about the origins of the name.

The surname Ó Fury remains in use across Ireland and is also found in the UK, Canada, the United States, Argentina, and other parts of the world. It is a reminder of the strong links between many different Irish families and the importance of their shared history.

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Ó Fury: Where does the name Ó Fury come from?

The last name Ó Fury is mainly found in Ireland today.

The Ó Fury name is part of the proud Irish heritage, and is found throughout the Emerald Isle. It is most common in Connacht, which is one of four Irish provinces. The Ó Fury clan began in Galway County, where many of its members continue to live today.

The Ó Fury surname is associated with ancient clans of Ireland. It is derived from the Irish phrase ó Foirre, meaning "from Fury," which references the early 12th-century clan of Ulster. This clan was led by their chief, Mathgamhain, who opposed an Anglo-Norman invasion of Ulster in 1177.

In the 19th century, many of the Irish Native Clans, including the Ó Fury's, faced struggles and repression under English colonial rule. This led to some of the family members to emigrate abroad. As a result, many modern-day Ó Fury family members are found in North America, Australia, and other parts of the world.

Despite the diaspora, many of the Ó Fury descendants have remained in Ireland, especially in the provinces of Connacht and Leinster. With a long shared history, the Ó Fury name has become an intricate part of Irish culture. The presence of the Ó Fury name in Ireland continues to be a testament to the family's ancient roots.

Variations of the surname Ó Fury

The surname Ó Fury is an Irish surname, originating in ancient times and denoting a person of high rank. Variations of this surname include Ó Furey, O'Fury, O'Furey, Furie and Fury.

Given the ancient roots of the surname, many variations have developed over time. Ó Fury is a variant of the much more common Irish surname Ó Furey. This surname has many spelling variations including 'O’Furey', 'O'Fury', 'Furey', 'Fury', and 'Fuery'.

The surname is commonly seen in Britain, Ireland and the United States. In Scotland, a variant of the name is 'Fuerie'. In some regions, the form of the surname is 'Ó Furraigh'. In Newfoundland, Canada, the surname has been adapted to the local pronunciation of 'Freedo'.

Other variations of the Ó Fury surname are Fuery, Furie, Furrier and Furaig. This surname is found throughout Ireland mainly in counties Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Roscommon and Sligo, with some smaller numbers in other parts of the country.

Ultimately, the Ó Fury surname is derived from the Irish first name Fursa, meaning 'crossing place' or 'ship'. While its original form may be extinct, the many variants and spellings of this ancient surname are still found throughout the world today.

Famous people with the name Ó Fury

  • Rick O'Farrell: also known as Gizmo, an Australian-born musician.
  • Philip O'Fury: Australian actor, screenwriter and paramedic.
  • Lawrence O'Fury: Australian professional cyclist and Triathlete.
  • Liam O'Fury: Australian actor.
  • Martin O'Fury: Irish professional soccer player.
  • Dave O'Fury: Australian comedian and actor.
  • Alan O'Fury: former Irish footballer.
  • Eddie O'Fury: Northern Irish professional soccer player.
  • Rod O'Fury: Australian musician and songwriter.
  • Neill O'Fury: Australian professional rugby league player.
  • Seán O'Fury: Irish rose breeder.
  • Dean O'Fury: New Zealand rugby union player.
  • Donal O'Fury: Irish hurler.
  • John O'Fury: Australian soccer coach and manager.
  • Michael O'Fury: Irish Gaelic footballer.

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