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Surname O'Garie - Meaning and Origin

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O'Garie: What does the surname O'Garie mean?

The last name O'Garie is an Irish surname. According to some sources, the name is derived from two separate Gaelic names, O Gadhra (meaning "descendant of Gadhra") and O Gadhraigh (meaning "descendant of the watchful one"). This indicates that either or both these ancestor names were used to create the O'Garie surname.

The McGeoghegan family, who had O'Garie as a variant form of their name, were a clan of Ulster province, where the majority of Irish O'Garie's are found today. The history of the tribe stretches back to the 13th century and it was closely associated with the O'Neill dynasty.

In addition to the Irish location, O'Garie is also found in Scotland. Scottish records reveal that the O'Garie family were prominent in the area of Morayshire and Banffshire, where their main seat was the Castle of Cullen. In the 16th and 17th centuries, the O'Garie name is also found in records concerning land and property.

Overall, the surname O'Garie is thought to symbolize bravery and strength, and its use began with an ancient Irish chieftain. The name has since come to represent a proud heritage and noble lineage.

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O'Garie: Where does the name O'Garie come from?

The O’Garie surname is primarily connected with Ireland and Scotland. It is thought to be of Irish origin, and its main source may have been an anglicized form of the Gaelic name MacGiolla Gairbheith. The name is extremely rare today, and can generally be found in the western regions and provinces of Ireland and Scotland. It is especially common in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides islands and the northwestern edges of Ireland, where it is most strongly associated with Counties Donegal and Sligo.

In the United States, the surname is extremely rare; it is generally confined to areas with large Irish and Scottish populations, such as Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Missouri, and California. Specific modern-day bearers of the surname can also be found in counties throughout the UK, particularly in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Genealogical records show that the O’Garie family was well-established in Donegal as early as the 1700’s. During the 19th century, some members of the family emigrated to North America and to other locations across the globe. It is believed that the O’Garie family is descended from a dynasty of Irish warriors, whose existence can be traced back to the 10th and 11th centuries.

Though the O’Garie surname is quite rare, its descendants are highly regarded for their bravery and resilience. Even today, people in the Donegal area celebrate the O’Garie surname with pride and enthusiasm.

Variations of the surname O'Garie

The surname O'Garie or O'Garrey has a variety of variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

In ancient times, the surname would have been spelled as "O'Garaidh," which was the Irish Gaelic spelling. Through the years anglicization of names resulted in variations in the spelling.

Variant Spellings of the surname O'Garie include:

O’Gary, O’Geary, O’Geraghty, O’Gaire, O’Garey, O’Garry, O’Garry, O’Geara, O’Gerrety, O’Gerae, O’Gare, O’Garry, O’Garee, O’Garea, O’Gerry, O’Gray, O’Grear, O’Gerri, and O’Garry.

Surnames of the same origin include McGarra, MacGeraghty, McGeary, McGarry, Mageraghty, MacGara, Magereakty, MacGair, MacGarey, McGaer, MacGee, McGee, Magee and MacGarr.

In Irish tradition, surnames often changed depending on the speaker, the spelling often shifting according to who made the transcription. Therefore, the kindred between all of these surnames and their original source, O'Garie, is also seen in their variety of spelling variations.

Regardless of the spelling, the name all share the same origin and point to the ancestor who originated the surname. It came from Gaelic Ó Gadraigh, which means "descendant of Gadraigh," a personal name meaning "hero."

Famous people with the name O'Garie

  • Máirtín O'Garie: Irish singer-songwriter
  • Emmett O'Garie: American YouTube star
  • Mary O'Garie: Award-winning actress
  • Patrick O'Garie: American social media personality
  • Edward O'Garie: International soccer player
  • Frances O'Garie: Award-winning filmmaker
  • Robert O'Garie: home decor and lifestyle blogger
  • Caragh O'Garie: Irish dancer and actress
  • Conor O'Garie: Irish singer and songwriter
  • Seán O'Garie: Irish Gaelic footballer

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