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Surname O'Gowin - Meaning and Origin

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O'Gowin: What does the surname O'Gowin mean?

The last name O'Gowin is an Irish name of Gaelic origin, meaning “son of Owen." This surname originated in the southern portion of County Clare in Ireland.

The Owens were a family of Gaelic warriors who settled in the area of what is now southeast Clare. They established their dominant position in the local government before and during the Middle Ages. Eventually, their influence spread and their name became more widespread throughout Ireland.

The O’ Gowin branch of the family was led by the prominent head of the family, Cornelius Owens. He was a strong leader and he helped lead the family to secure and fortify its place within the local government.

Due to the Owens' political authority in the region, the name was often used to denote rank and power. It was the name of several high-ranking Irish government families, and was bestowed upon their first-born sons.

Today, the O'Gowin surname is common throughout Ireland and is found in various forms in England, Scotland, Australia, the United States, and elsewhere in the world. It is often seen in combination with other surnames, such as O’Gowin-Donohue or O’Gowin-McLaughlin.

Whether you are descended from the O’Gowin family or not, this name will forever be associated with a lineage of proud and influential clansmen who were known for their great leadership and strength in battle.

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O'Gowin: Where does the name O'Gowin come from?

The surname O'Gowin is most commonly associated with Ireland, derived from the Gaelic Ó Gabhann, which refers to a descendent of Gobann. It is most widely found in County Mayo, although it can be found with some frequency in several surrounding counties, particularly Roscommon, Offaly, and Longford.

Today, the surname is most often found in Ireland. It is most prevalent in County Mayo, where it is still one of the most frequently encountered last names. There, several branches of the family have used the Anglicized form of the name, O'Gowan. It can also be found in several other Irish counties mainly in the central and western parts of the country.

Outside of Ireland, the surname can be found in large numbers in places such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. It is especially common in the United States where Irish immigration in the 19th and early 20th centuries means that there are also many O'Gowin families across the country.

Due to historical and geographical reasons, the most common countries where people bearing the O'Gowin surname are now located are likely to be Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Australia.

Variations of the surname O'Gowin

The surname O'Gowin can refer to a number of different spellings, variants, and even surnames of the same origin. The original Irish form of the surname is Ó gComhain, which was adopted by the English as O’Gowen and Gowain. This name is derived from the Gaelic word comhann, which means 'joint', and is thought to refer to an ancestor who played an important role in a tribal alliance.

The spelling for this name can vary significantly. In some cases, it can appear as Gowen, Gowing, Gowan, Gowen, Goughin, Gowin, Gowinge, Goun, Goin, Goen, Gounes, Gouns, and even Gowens.

The surname has also evolved and taken on several other variations, such as Gowingard, Gowingd, Gowinge, Gowinget, Gowinge, Gowingley, Gowington, Gowingy, Gowinges, Gownes, and Gowings.

The surname O'Gowin has also been adopted as a first name in some cases. In the United States, it can be seen as Gene, Glen, Owen, and Orin.

Overall, the surname O’Gowin has a rich history, with variations of the same name hinting towards diverse interpretations and meanings. Whatever the spelling, this surname likely originates from an ancestor with a unique role or influence in an old alliance.

Famous people with the name O'Gowin

  • Meghan O’Gowin: Actress who has starred in shows such as “The Last O.G.” and “Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots”
  • Kevin O’Gowin: Former footballer who played for various teams in the Football League and Premier League
  • Ryan O’Gowin: Professional golfer who rankings have seen him become one of the best on the Tour
  • John O’Gowin: Actor, producer, and director who has contributed to multiple projects such as “Supernatural”, “Boy Meets World”, and “Pretty Little Liars”
  • Sean O’Gowin: Musician, songwriter, and producer who has worked with artists such as Lil Wayne, Linkin Park, and the Backstreet Boys
  • Bobby O’Gowin: Retired ice hockey player who played the majority of his career in the Montreal Canadiens.
  • Terry O’Gowin: Former basketball player with the Harlem Globetrotters and Central Michigan University, who has been inducted into Hall of Fame for both
  • Robert O’Gowin: American author and speaker who has created multiple collections of fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books
  • Tom O’Gowin: American former basketball player, who was a 3-time NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • Thomas O’Gowin: Former professional cyclist who achieved 2 victories in the Giro di Lombardia and Fleche Wallone races.

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