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Surname O Guiney - Meaning and Origin

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O Guiney: What does the surname O Guiney mean?

The last name O Guiney is of Irish origin, and it is derived from the original ancient Gaelic name of "Ó Guinnigh." This Gaelic name, which is the equivalent of the name "Smith," originated from the word "guinn," which translates to "noble" or "blacksmith."

The O'Guiney family was prominent in Ireland during the Middle Ages, and were renowned for their skilled smithing work. The O'Guiney family is well-known around the country, as some of its members were involved in the Irish struggle for independence from Britain during the 19th and 20th centuries.

The name O'Guiney is still present in Ireland today, as there are still many descendants of the original O'Guiney family all over the country, as well as outside Ireland. It is believed that the original O'Guiney family were descended from an ancestor named "Gunnig," who lived in County Galway in the 14th century.

The significance of the last name O'Guiney is found in its strong connection to Irish history and culture, and the resilience and dedication of its ancestors. Through its continuance of the name and traditions, the O'Guiney family reminds us of the importance of family and connectedness, and its lasting presence in Ireland's culture and history.

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O Guiney: Where does the name O Guiney come from?

The last name O Guiney is most commonly found in areas originating from Great Britain and Ireland, such as England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and other British territories. It is also found in the United States, Canada, Australia, and various countries with a British or Irish heritage.

Today, the last name O Guiney is primarily found within the United Kingdom, particularly in Northern Ireland. The county of Armagh, located in Northern Ireland, is known for having one of the highest populations of those who bear this last name. In counties like Kilkenny and Mayo, in Ireland, also have a small population with the O Guiney name.

In the United States, the highest population count of this name can be found in Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and California, with concentrations in cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York City.

In Canada, the last name O Guiney is mainly found in Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. While in Australia, the highest population counts belong to the states of New South Wales and Victoria.

The O Guiney surname is likely derived from the Irish Gaelic name “Ó Guaire”, meaning descendant of Guaire. Guaire was the name of a seventh century king of Connacht. The name then spread to other countries due to Irish and British migration, and over time, it has evolved into the form “O Guiney”.

Variations of the surname O Guiney

The surname O Guiney can have several different variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. One common spelling is "O'Guinee" and there are several other ways it can be spelled, such as "O'Gwinye" and "O'Guyny".

The surname dates back to an Irish clan of the same name and originated in County Galway in the 14th century. The surname was derived from the Gaelic term "Ua Fidgeinti", which roughly translates to "the descendant of Fidgeinti".

The variant spellings and surnames of O Guiney could include "O'Guiney", "O'Gwinye" or "O'Guyny" as well as "Guiney" and "Guinie". In the United States, the spelling "Guinie" is one of the most common. It is also spelled "Guiney" in some areas.

In addition to the variants, spellings and surnames derived from O Guiney, that the surname is also used as the basis for other surnames. These include "O'Gwynn" which is an Anglicized version of the Irish "Ua Fidgeinti" and "Guinney" which is an Anglicized form of "Guineys". The O'Gwynns can be found in County Kildare, while the Guinneys can be found in County Westmeath.

Finally, the O Guiney clan also has its own arms and crest, which feature a black eagle, a red chief, and a red escallop. This family crest symbolizes strength and honor and is often seen on the coats of arms for members of the O Guiney family and its variants.

Famous people with the name O Guiney

  • Eileen O’Guiney: Irish poet, playwright and novelist credited for her groundbreaking works in Irish literature.
  • Terry O’Guiney: Irish-born actor and theatre director whose works have been performed extensively within the London area.
  • Eugene O’Guiney: Irish artist known for his realistic impressionist paintings and active involvement with the Dublin Arts Council.
  • Jarlath O’Guiney: Irish rugby player, best known for his tenure with Lansdowne Rugby Club.
  • Margaret O’Guiney: Irish politician and social activist, best remembered for her prominent involvement in the Irish independence struggle.
  • Michael O’Guiney: Irish soldier, public figure, and a former leader of the Irish Defence Forces.
  • Patrick O’Guiney: Irish sculptor and mural painter, famous for his public sculptures which can be found all around the city of Dublin.
  • David O’Guiney: Irish film director, screenwriter, and actor who won numerous awards for his independent films.
  • Charlene O’Guiney: Irish folk singer and songwriter, widely known for her unique sound and for her integration of ancient Irish influences into her music.
  • Jim O’Guiney: Irish poet and author, also an active participant in the Irish cultural scene, by way of organizing Festivals of Music and Literature.

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