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Surname O'More - Meaning and Origin

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O'More: What does the surname O'More mean?

The last name O'More is derived from the Irish surname Ó Mórdha, which comes from a Gaelic personal name composed of the elements ‘mór’ meaning ‘great’ and ‘dubh’ meaning ‘black’. This name is believed to have been used as a surname by a family who have enjoyed great prominence in Irish history and royalty.

The O’More clan can trace their history back to 12th-century Leix (now Laois) where they were a branch of the Norman Butlers of Oliehan in County Tipperary. Ancient texts also note the presence of O’More families in what is today known as County Kilkenny and the surrounding areas.

The first recorded individual carrying the surname is Émoro Ua Moadha in 1211, who was originally a native of the Moores Castle in Tipperary, Ireland. Later in 1559, the O’More family again rose to prominence when Turlough O’More led a rebellion against the English in Ireland.

The O’Mores had a distinctively flamboyant style and played multiple distinguished roles in Irish history and politics. Today, many Irish people with the surname O’More can trace their roots back to this influential family. The name remains widely used and recognized in Ireland, England, Scotland, Canada, Australia and the United States.

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O'More: Where does the name O'More come from?

The last name O'More is most common today in Ireland, where it originated. In 1890, O’More was the 73rd most popular last name in Ireland according to a survey. It is thought to have originated from the Irish Gaelic“O’Móráin”, literally meaning"descendant of the great one". It is believed to have been the name of several Gaelic clans found in various Connacht counties.

The surname is found in other parts of the world, including the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. In the United States, it is especially popular in the New England states, such as Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The O'More name can be found spread throughout the country, with the highest concentration in the mid West and West regions.

The names of those with the O'More surname are often Anglicized in order to be easier to pronounce. Various spellings have been seen, such as O’Mor, O’More, and O’Moor, eventually leading to new versions such as Moore, Morre, and Moor.

The popularity of the O’More name is believed to have its roots in Irish immigration to the United States. Many Irish families with the name came to America looking for a new start in life and so the name spread as immigrants moved to different locations.

Today, O’More is still a popular surname with the Irish and those of Irish descent. Its spread throughout the globe is a testament to those who left Ireland looking for a new and better life.

Variations of the surname O'More

The surname O'More has a number of variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. O'More is an ancient Irish surname originating from the Uí Mórdha sept in Southeastern Ireland. The sept's original name was Ó Mordha, however, the family adopted the name O'More when anglicized by the Normans in the twelfth century.

The most common variants of the surname O'More include O'Moor, Moor, Moar, Moire, More and O'Moir. Spellings of the variants may include 'O'More', 'O'Moor', 'Moar', 'Moire', 'More' and 'O'Moir'.

The most common surnames of the same origin are Moore, O'Moore, O'Moore Castle, O'Moore-Keogh, O'Murphy, O'Meara, Moran and MacGuire.

Additional variants of the surname O'More include O'Maher, O'Marr, O'Moreck, O'Morin, O'Morrow, O'Murrin, Monaghan, Monahan, Muir, Muirhead, Murphree and Murphy. Spellings of the variants may include 'O'Maher', 'O'Marr', 'O'Moreck', 'O'Morin', 'O'Morrow', 'O'Murrin', 'Monaghan', 'Monahan', 'Muir', 'Muirhead', 'Murphree' and 'Murphy'.

The O'More name is of ancient origins and is still found in Ireland today. With an array of different spellings and variants of the surname it is important to be aware of all the possibilities before conducting genealogical research.

Famous people with the name O'More

  • Siobhán O'More: Irish indie folk singer and songwriter.
  • Cormac O'More: professional Gaelic footballer from Ireland.
  • Stephen O'More: Irish professional boxer.
  • Joe O'More: former footballer from Ireland.
  • Ciarán O'More: actor and producer from Ireland.
  • Tomás O'More: Gaelic footballer from Ireland.
  • Risteard O'More: former Irish Senator.
  • Patrick O'More: former United States Senator from Mississippi.
  • Mary O'More: Irish actress.
  • John O'More: Australian sportsman and lawyer.
  • Brian O'More: former Irish politician.
  • John William O'More: United States Representative from Virginia.
  • Padraig O'More: Irish footballer.
  • Kieran O'More: Irish stage and television actor.
  • Thomas O'More: founder of the O'More dynasty in Ireland.

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