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Surname O'Rourk - Meaning and Origin

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O'Rourk: What does the surname O'Rourk mean?

The last name O'Rourk is an Irish last name, with its origin stemming from different regions in Ireland. The O' is an Irish prefix meaning “descendant of”, hence the O'Rourk comes from the original Gaelic form of “Ó Ruairc”. There are different interpretations of the meaning of the name, however it is generally acknowledged to mean “son of Rourke”.

Rourke in Gaelic is a personal name for “Ruarc”, which is believed to be derived from the Gaelic word “ru” or “ruaidh”, which had various meanings such as “red”, run” or “famous”. An alternate meaning is that the Rourke name is derived from Norse, meaning “fame”.

The O’Rourke name is likely derived from the two ancient Gaelic families, O'Mulroney and O'Rourkes, of County Roscommon. O'Rourkes were an influential and powerful clan in the 12th century and they were known for their great fighting ability and impressive strength.

The O’Rourke family has long been connected with Irish history throughout the past centuries and the name can still be found on various monuments commemorating them. This is a common Irish name found in many countries where Irish immigrants have settled, such as the United States and Canada, as well as Australia. The O’Rourke name is still a beloved part of the Irish heritage and culture throughout the world today.

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O'Rourk: Where does the name O'Rourk come from?

The last name O'Rourke is most common today in Ireland, especially in County Roscommon in the province of Connacht. O'Rourke is one of the most common Irish surnames, derived from the Gaelic Ua Ruairc. It is associated with a powerful family that held the Kingship of Breifne for centuries and whose members included such well known Irish figures as Dathi O'Rourke, the last pagan King of Ireland. The family ultimately held power over a territory which stretched into modern day Counties Cavan and Leitrim in Ireland and into County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland.

The O'Rourke name is still quite common in Ireland to this day, especially in the provinces of Connacht and Ulster. According to the Irish Census, the name is the 19th most common surname in Ireland, with around 6,500 people claiming it as their last name.

O'Rourke is also found in the UK, Australia, Canada, the United States, and other countries with a significant Irish diaspora. In the US, the name is estimated to be the 492nd most common last name in the country, with over 18,000 people bearing the name.

In essence, the last name O'Rourke may be found today in many parts of the world, but is particularly common in the countries of Ireland and the United States.

Variations of the surname O'Rourk

The surname O'Rourk has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The most common variants of O'Rourk are O'Rourke, Rourke, Ruark, and Rae.

The O'Rourk surname is an anglicised version of the Irish surname Ó Ruairc. This surname originates from the Clan Ua Ruairc, an Irish royal dynasty that once occupied an area near modern day County Cavan.

The O'Rourk spelling is a variant of the spelling O'Rourke. O'Rourke is the traditional spelling, though the 'O' prefix is sometimes dropped, leading to the variations Rourke and Ruark. The surname O'Rourk is quite rare.

The surname Rourke is an anglicised form of the Irish surname Ó Ruairc. It is derived from the first name Ruarc, which is the diminutive form of the Irish name Ruaidrí. The surname Rae is sometimes related to the surname O'Rourk, as it is also derived from the personal name Ruaidrí and shares the same root with the O'Rourke.

There are a few other variants of the surname O'Rourk which may be used in Scotland or England, such as O'Rourke, Rawarke, and Ratford.

In summary, there are many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the surname O'Rourk, including O'Rourke, Rourke, Ruark, and Rae.

Famous people with the name O'Rourk

  • Chloë Grace Moretz O'Rourke: American actress and model.
  • Arthur O'Rourke: Major general in the United States Army and was the 15th Chief of Signal of the U.S. Army.
  • Tina O’Rourke: District Attorney in Wisconsin's 20th Judicial District and a 2016 nominee to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
  • Pádraig Ó Rourke: Irish Fianna Fáil politician.
  • Christina O’Rourke: British born American film actress
  • John O'Rourke: Former Senior English Footballer who played for Portsmouth.
  • J. J. O'Rourke: American political satirist and writer.
  • Cathy O'Rourke: Irish former camogie player.
  • Niamh O'Rourke: Irish camogie player
  • Sister Timothy O'Rourke, C.D.P.: Sister from the Congregation of Divine Providence, a Roman Catholic community of sisters.
  • Phill O'Rourke: Irish hurler who played with Kilkenny GAA inter-county teams in the 1960s.
  • Troy O'Rourke: Australian professional baseball player.
  • Maureen O’Rourke: Former Irish Labour Party Senator and former Mayor of Galway.
  • Patrick O’Rourke: Canadian professional wrestler.
  • Albert O'Rourke: Former Australian rules footballer.
  • Eddie O'Rourke: Former professional boxer from Ireland.
  • Danny O'Rourke: Retired American Major League Soccer player and head coach.
  • Tony O'Rourke: Former Australian rules footballer.
  • Lola O'Rourke: Former Canadian-born actress.
  • William O'Rourke: Military officer.

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