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Surname Oake - Meaning and Origin

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Oake: What does the surname Oake mean?

The last name Oake is of English origin and is a topographic name for someone who lived near a notable oak tree, derived from the Middle English 'oke'. It may have also denoted someone who lived by or in an oak wood. In many older languages, the oak tree was symbolically associated with strength, endurance, and long life, qualities which were often conferred on individuals associated with them. Moreover, in the Celtic language, the word ‘oak’ was translated to mean 'durable or steadfast'. So, the last name Oake could also suggest that the ancestors of the person were widely recognized as strong, steadfast, or durable individuals. This surname belongs to the group of surnames tied to the forced Anglo-Saxon habitation names; that is, names derived from pre-existing names for towns, villages, parishes, or farmsteads.

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Oake: Where does the name Oake come from?

The last name Oake is quite a uncommon surname today, with the majority of people with the surname concentrated in Great Britain. According to forebears, the current estimated distribution of the Oake surname is 650 people living in Great Britain, making it the most common place for Oakes to be found.

In particular, Oakes can be found mainly throughout England with evidence of the name popping up in records dating back to the 16th century. The biggest concentration of the name is found in Lancashire, followed by London, Cheshire, Essex, and Yorkshire.

It is possible to find Oakes scattered throughout the US today as well; however, the name is slightly more rare and likely descended from people originating in Britain who migrated to America. Other places where Oakes can be found include Canada, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands.

In summary, the most common place to locate the Oake surname today is in Great Britain, with an emphasis centred around England. It is also possible to find those with the surname in other countries, though in much smaller numbers.

Variations of the surname Oake

The surname Oake is of English origin, derived from a medieval given name derived from the Old English Oak (oak tree) or Aecce (oak grove). Variants of the surname Oake include Oakes, Oakeson, Oakey, Oak, Oakson, Oaker and Oakers. Other spellings of Oake include Oakese, Oakese, Oakes, Oakus, Oakey, Oakeys, Oakie and Oakley.

The Oake surname is typically found in England, with the original Oakes family traced to Oxfordshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire during the 15th and 16th centuries. The Oakes spelling is most commonly found in the Northeastern United States, while the Oak or Oaker versions can be found in the Deep South and Midwest regions of America.

Surnames that may have derived from Oake include the following: Oakeson (English and Scottish), Oakley (English), Ackerman (English), Auker (German), Oakman (English), Oakes (English), Oakson (English), Oaklanders (German) and Oakman (English). All of these surnames likely share the same origin, which is the Old English Oak.

The Oake surname is still in existence today, and its variants remain a common sight in America and England as well. The Oake family crest, with its depiction of an oak tree, is one of the most iconic images of the surname.

Famous people with the name Oake

  • Jenna Oake: Austrailian actress
  • Jacob Oake: Canadian musician
  • Bernie Oake: British entertainer
  • Jeremy Oake: Australian film director
  • Oliver Oake: English footballer
  • Bob Oake: American comedian
  • Shaun Oake: Canadian singer
  • Michael Oake: British actor
  • Chris Oake: American hockey player
  • Jordan Oake: British artist and sculptor

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