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Surname Oats - Meaning and Origin

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Oats: What does the surname Oats mean?

The last name Oats is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is believed to be derived from a personal name, possibly a diminutive of names like Oswald, Osborn, or Osgar, which start with the Old English element "Osf" or "Osg" meaning "god." Over time, the name may have gotten shortened and contracted to Oat or Oats. Another theory suggests that Oats may be a metonymic occupational name for a grower or seller of oats, which is a type of cereal grain. In this case, it would have been derived from the Old English word "ate," which means “oats.” It is important to note that last names often come from a person's occupation, physical attributes, or location, so the interpretation of the surname Oats may vary depending upon the historical and geographical context. As with most surnames, different branches of a family with the surname Oats may have different meanings or origins attached to the surname.

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Oats: Where does the name Oats come from?

The last name Oats is most common in the United Kingdom and the United States. In the United Kingdom, it is most prevalent in Scotland, England, and Wales, with London being the most popular area. In the United States, the states with the highest occurrences of this surname are Illinois, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, and Massachusetts.

When looking outside of the United Kingdom and United States, there are areas of Canada in which this surname is prevalent, specifically Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. Australia is also home to various Oats families in the regions of New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria.

Based on the 2017 Global Name Information Project, other regions of the world where this surname is currently used include Sweden, Germany, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, and various parts of the Middle East. Surprisingly, there are also some families with the surname in both Italy and France.

The origin of the surname is believed to be from an old English word for oats, although this cannot be confirmed. It is possible that the name was originally given to someone who grew oats, farmed them, made a living from them, or owned a farm where oats were grown. Regardless of the origin or where it is common today, the surname Oats has become a name spread across the world and celebrated throughout the ages.

Variations of the surname Oats

The surname Oats is a variant of Oates, a habitational name that originated in the north of England. It can be spelled in various ways, including Oates, Oats, Oatses, Oatsman, Oatts, and Owts.

The surname Oates is derived from any of several places in England with ‘Ote’ or ‘Ot’ in their name, such as the parishes of Oteley and John Otes in Shropshire, and the manor of Ottersley in Northumberland. The surname is also derived from the Old English word ‘atte’, meaning at the.

This surname can also be found in records with other spelling variants such as Oatese, Owte, Owtes, Owtise, Owtey, Owtise, Owyers, Owyes, and Owyse. In Scotland, this surname is also spelt Outis.

The surname Oates is also found as a variant of the similar-sounding surname Hooton, which is derived from a place name in Lincolnshire of a similar sound. The variations of Hooton include Huton, Howton, Owton, Outon, Outen, and Owten.

Over time, variants of the surname Oates have developed into other surnames such as Ates, Oats, and Ate. Another related surname, Atlee, is derived from Átli, a Scandinavian name for an ancestor of an ancient Scottish-Norse family.

Finally, there are some surnames that are derived directly from the first name of Oates, such as Oateson, Oaks, Oakey, and Oas.

Famous people with the name Oats

  • Demi Oats: actress and model
  • Sasha Oats: singer-songwriter
  • Jona Oats: an Australian comedian
  • Daryl Oats: former NHL player
  • Gabby Oats: MMA fighter
  • Darell Oats: MLB player
  • Bernard Oats: U.S. Senator from Maine
  • Bronson Oats: basketball player
  • Luther Oats: actor
  • Brandt Oats: footballer
  • Orrin Oats: writer
  • Kenneth Oats: former mayor of Lawrenceville, Georgia
  • Lashawn Oats: model
  • Tyler Oats: golfer
  • Tony Oats: former NFL player and coach
  • Ruth Oats: recording artist
  • Ford Oats: photographer
  • Amber Oats: chef
  • Rock Oats: musician
  • Alfred Oats: Musician-Composer

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