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Surname Oberist - Meaning and Origin

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Oberist: What does the surname Oberist mean?

The last name Oberist is of German origin. It is derived from the German words "ob" meaning "above" or "over" and "erist" meaning "ruler". It is thought to have originally indicated a person who held an official post of authority over a territory, often a town or village.

Historically, the Oberist name was associated with citizenship, law, or leadership roles within a community. Many people bearing this name were civic leaders or stewards of the land or people. In particular, the Oberist surname was bestowed on those who held the position of mayor or headmaster of their village, townships, or regions.

Oberist is an uncommon surname and may have been derived from a place name such as Oberhausen or Oberlingen. In some cases, the title was inherited from the person's branch of the family tree. In rare instances, it was given as a title in recognition for a job well done or for a contribution to society.

Today, the last name Oberist is more likely to be found in families that trace their roots back to Germany or other countries of German heritage. The name has not widely spread to other new countries and cultures. It is still very much rooted to its European origin.

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Oberist: Where does the name Oberist come from?

The last name Oberist is most commonly associated with German-speaking countries like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In Germany, the name is most common in the states of Bavaria and North-Rhine-Westphalia. The name is also quite common in Austria and Switzerland.

In terms of distribution, the name Oberist is more common in rural areas than in urban areas. It is believed that the name is derived from Middle High German and could mean "the upper one" or "broad area".

Oberist can also be found in the US, although numbers are much smaller than in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In America, the name is most common in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Wisconsin. In Canada, the name Oberist is quite rare and can only be found in small numbers in the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario.

Outside of Europe and North America, Oberist is quite rare. The name is almost non-existent in the rest of the world, with the exception of small pockets of people in South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Variations of the surname Oberist

The surname Oberist is a Jewish surname from German-speaking countries. It is derived from the German word ober, meaning upper, and is a patronymic surname meaning "son of Ober." Variants of Oberist include Ohberst, Oeberst, Oerst, Oherst, Uherst, and Uhrst. Similar surnames include Ober, Oberkopf, Obermann, Obermueller, Ohber, Oesinger, Oher, Ehrst, and Uher.

Oberist is one of the most common and widespread surnames among German Jews. It is derived from a variety of Christian and Jewish given names, such as Oberehe, Oberkeh, Illinois, Oberheim, and Oberin. Its use as a surname has been documented as early as the 16th century.

In Germany, the name can be found in records from the 17th century, where a Johann Oberist signed a marriage contract in 1664. In the 18th century, the Oberists were among the most common Jewish surnames, with Johann Oberist and Christian Heinrich Oberist being recorded in 1720 in Frankfurt-am-Main and 1771 in Breslau.

The surname also appears throughout the records of German-speaking Jewish communities in Central and Eastern Europe. Oberist is also found in records from Jewish communities in Austria, Bern, Poland, Romania, and Russia.

In the United States, immigrants named Oberist arrived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The 1910 US Federal Census lists 16 individuals with the name, most of whom were living in New York and New Jersey. In the 1930 US Federal Census, 18 Oberists are listed across 10 American states.

Famous people with the name Oberist

  • Kevin Oberist: A Canadian actor, fashion designer, and artist from Kitchener, Ontario.
  • Rose Oberist: A former lead vocalist of the American alternative rock band The Faint.
  • Terry Oberist: A retired Major League Baseball outfielder and right-handed batter who played for the Chicago White Sox from 1959-1962.
  • Harley Oberist: An American actor, best known for playing various roles in Three's Company, The Bob Newhart Show, and The A-Team.
  • Steve Oberist: An American artist who produces large-scale abstract paintings and sculptures.
  • Art Oberist: An American football trainer and professor, best known for his 40 years coaching college football at the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Bill Oberist: A former running back for the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League (NFL) from 1969 to 1974.
  • Dave Oberist: A retired right-handed Major League Baseball pitcher, who played for the Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago White Sox from 1981 to 1984.
  • Jack Oberist: A former professional American football player who played tight end for six seasons with the Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers.
  • Josh Oberist: An American professional ten-pin bowler currently on the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Tour.

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