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Surname Obermiller - Meaning and Origin

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Obermiller: What does the surname Obermiller mean?

The surname Obermiller is of German origin, stemming from the words 'ober' meaning 'upper' or 'above', and 'müller' meaning 'miller'. In this instance, a miller refers to someone who operates a mill, typically a grain mill, but can also refer to other types of mills including sawmills, paper mills, and others. Therefore, the name often signifies someone who is or was a head miller or a miller in an upper or higher place. Like many German surnames, Obermiller is considered an occupational surname, meaning it likely originated as a name given to individuals based on their profession. However, its exact historical and geographical contexts may vary and the meaning may have evolved or diversified over time and across regions.

Obermiller: Where does the name Obermiller come from?

The last name Obermiller is most commonly found today in Germany and the United States. It is also occasionally found in other European countries, including Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg.

In Germany, the surname is mainly clustered in the southern states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, and Hesse. Cities such as Munich, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, and Offenbach are some of the cities where the surname is most common.

In the United States, the last name Obermiller is found mainly in the mid-western and eastern states. The states of Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey account for the highest concentrations of the last name. In states such as New York, Michigan, and Indiana, the surname is also found but with lower frequencies.

In addition to the countries above, the surname is to be found in Canada, Argentina, Brazil, and Australia. While Australia does not have an overwhelming presence of the surname, it is to be found in other countries of the Oceania region.

The last name Obermiller is evidence of a German heritage, with a majority of those bearing the name today living in Germany and North America. In recent years, the surname has also spread to other parts of Europe, South America, and Oceania.

Variations of the surname Obermiller

The Obermiller surname is derived from a Germanic root, and there are many variants and derivative surnames stemming from this origin. Some of these variants, spellings and surnames include Oebmiller, Oebhoner, O brewer, Obriller, Obremer, Obermöller, Obermauler, Obermoeler, Obermøller, Obertmueller, Obermüller, Obbema, Obbemer, Oppermann, Oppmer, Obermeyer, Obermeir, Obermeijer, Obermaier, Oberhauser, Oefberg, Oebeler, and Oebelman.

Some of these names are anglicized versions of the German form, Obermueller, while others retain the original form. Derivative spellings, such as Oeller, Oellermeyer, Oppeler, Oppermueller, Oebenauer, Oebenstein, and Oberblank, are also seen in several parts of Europe and the United States. Additionally, some of the above names were adapted to local languages, such as Finnisch (from Obermueller) and Övermill (from Obermueller).

The Obermiller surname is often associated with ancient Germanic surnames, having been found in records of Germanic tribes from the Roman Empire era. It’s believed that the surname originated as a toponymic surname, derived from settlements now known as Obermüller and Obermöller in the German states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, respectively.

Some of the other areas where the Obermiller surname is still common today include Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and there is also a large number of Obermiller families living throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

Famous people with the name Obermiller

  • Erik Obermiller: American actor known for tv series like “Here and Now” and “The Mentalist” and for a variety of independent films.
  • Paulette Obermiller: American entrepreneur and founder of Fireweed Eco Living, an online marketplace that focuses on sustainable lifestyles and products.
  • Jake Obermiller: American athlete who was a member of the 1984 US Olympic judo team.
  • Pearl Obermiller: American artist and teacher who created unique paper sculptures that focused on the beauty of nature.
  • Brenda Obermiller: American environmental activist and ocean conservationist who was part of the first team to swim the 72-mile-long Manhattan Island Marathon Swim.
  • Fred Obermiller: American mathematician whose research concentrated in the areas of algebraic logic, model theory, and algebraic structures.
  • Gabrielle Obermiller: an American Olympian and freestyle swimmer who competed in the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, Finland.
  • Shannon Obermiller: American politician from the state of California and a member of the California State Assembly since 2018.
  • Paige Obermiller: American professional cyclist who placed first at the 2013 USA Cycling National Junior Championships in both time trials and road races.
  • Adriana Obermiller: Chilean actress best known for her roles in telenovelas such as El Amor Lo Manejo Yo, Amigos X Siempre, and Los Exitosos Pells.

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