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Surname Odden - Meaning and Origin

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Odden: What does the surname Odden mean?

The surname Odden is of Norwegian origin and is derived from geographical locations in Norway. The name is mostly found in Eastern Norway and can be traced back to farm areas named Odden. In Norwegian, "Odden" means "the headland" or "cape," which is a point of land extending into water. This suggests that the ancestors who bore this name likely lived or worked in these locations. Therefore, the surname Odden is a topographic name indicating a connection with notable geographical features of the landscape. Like many other surnames, it served as a form of identification, denoting individuals who hailed from this region.

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Odden: Where does the name Odden come from?

The last name Odden is primarily found in Norway, where it is the 4th most common surname. Outside Norway there are still significant numbers of Oddens living in Germany and the United States.

In the US, most Oddens are concentrated in the northern midwest and western states like Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and California. However, smaller numbers of Oddens can be found living in the Southeast and along the East Coast.

In 2015, Odden was the 78,219th most common last name in the United States. This places it in the top 687th percentile of all surnames in the US.

Oddens in the US trace their heritage back to a handful of immigrants who arrived from Norway in the 1800s. Many of these immigrants settled in Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Iowa, where they established farms and small towns.

The surname is of Norse origin, derived from the Old Norse given name Oddr, meaning “sharp-witted” or “pointed”. It was evidently a popular name in Norway for many centuries, and the surname was borne by an extensive number of individuals from this area.

Given its prevalence in Norway and its long history there, it is likely the last name Odden will remain a common name for years to come.

Variations of the surname Odden

The surname Odden has various variants and spellings as well as related surnames of the same origin. The spelling of the surname can vary from Oscden to Oadsen, while the variations of the same name include Oden, Odson, Odgers, and Odden. The surname is believed to have originated from the Norwegian given name, Odden, which was derived from the Old Norse elements ‘oddr’ (pointed hill) and ‘heimr’ (home).

The surname Odden is mainly found in Norway, where it originated, however can also be found in England, Scotland, Sweden, the United States and Canada. Related surnames of Scandinavian origin include Odman, Oddman, Odem, Odeman, Odim, Oddim, Oddon, Oddsen, Oedman, Odsen, Oddson, Oddron, Odde, Odel, Odhen, Odahen, Otehen, Odden, Odman, Oethen, and Oarhen.

In some parts of the United States, particularly in the Midwest, the Odden family name has been Anglicized to Oatman. Other Anglicized and Americanized versions of the surname include Oats, Odd, Udden, and Uddin.

The Scandinavian given name syndicates with the surnames Ødden, Øden, Ødt, Ødesen, Ødesen, Ødtvedt, Ødum, Ørim, Ødsden, Ødenberg, Ødumgaard, and Ødegaard.

In Scotland, the surname can take the form Oatley.

Overall, the surname Odden can take many spellings and variation, depending on the geographical location in which it is found.

Famous people with the name Odden

  • Morten Odden: Norwegian musician and composer, noted for his contribution to the progressive rock genre
  • Henrik Odden: Norwegian ice hockey player
  • Ivar Odden: Norwegian composer and music publisher
  • Martin Odden: Norwegian rower, one of the best Norwegian rowers of the 1980s
  • Andrine Odden: Norwegian reality television star
  • Jørn Odden: Norwegian cross country skiing star
  • Hanne Odden: Norwegian professional golfer
  • Alf Odden: Norwegian musician and composer, noted for his compositions in the Baroque style
  • Trine Odden: Norwegian zoologist and epidemiologist
  • Thomas Odden: Norwegian entrepreneur, known for founding the companies Spektrum and Klarna.

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