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Surname Oliveira - Meaning and Origin

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Oliveira: What does the surname Oliveira mean?

The surname Oliveira is of Portuguese origin and it translates to "Olive Tree" in English. The name is derived from the Latin word "Olea" or "Oliva" which refer to both the olive fruit and the tree itself. In many cultures, the olive tree has historical, religious, and mythical significance, symbolizing peace, wisdom, fertility, prosperity, and immortality among others; this might have influenced the adoption of the name. Additionally, individuals or families may have been denoted with the surname Oliveira if they lived near an olive grove or owned one, as surnames were often used to identify someone's occupation or geographic location. Today, the name Oliveira is common in both Portugal and Brazil.

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Oliveira: Where does the name Oliveira come from?

The last name Oliveira is most common in Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries, particularly Brazil and surrounding countries. It remains the most common last name in Portugal and is the second most common surname in Brazil after Silva. In 2018, Oliveira was the 39th most common surname in France, 43rd in the United States, and in the top 200 for other countries such as Canada, Australia, and Spain.

People with the Oliveira surname can trace their ancestry to the Portuguese provinces of Alentejo, Beira, Tras-os-Montes, and Estremadura. This region was historically an important center of commerce, which could have contributed to the spread of the Oliveira name.

In the 19th century, Portugal experienced a surge of emigration, with vast numbers of people seeking a better life elsewhere. Many of those who left Portugal settled in the countries of the former Portuguese Empire, taking the Oliveira name with them. As a result, Oliveira is now used as a surname all over the world, with the majority of its bearers continuing to trace their ancestry back to Portugal.

The Oliveira surname is still very common in Portugal today, especially around the city of Lisbon, and continues to be an important relic of Portugal’s rich past.

Variations of the surname Oliveira

The surname Oliveira is a Portuguese-derived surname that literally means "olive tree". It is one of the most common surnames in Portugal and its former Portuguese Empire, including Brazil. There are several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin as Oliveira, which are listed below:

Oliveyra: This is one of the most common alternative spellings of Oliveira.

Olivera: This is a common spelling of Oliveira in Spanish and South American countries.

Oliviera: This is a variant of the Oliveira surname that is commonly seen in Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries.

Olivier: This is a more commonly found spelling of Oliveira in France and English-speaking countries.

Oliviers: This is a Dutch spelling of Oliveira.

Oliveres: This is another Dutch spelling of Oliveira.

Oliveras: This is a Catalan spelling of the Oliveira surname.

Oliva: This is an Italian spelling of the Oliveira surname.

Ollive: This is a variant of the Oliveira surname that is found mainly among French-speakers and the French-speaking diaspora.

Olivero: This is a variant of the Oliveira surname that is popular in Italy and other Latin countries.

Oliviero: This is another Italian variant of Oliveira.

Olivières: This is a French variant of Oliveira.

Olivere: This is a variant of the Oliveira surname that is found mainly among German-speakers and the German-speaking diaspora.

Famous people with the name Oliveira

  • Neymar Junior: Professional Brazilian Football Player
  • Fábio Oliveira: Portuguese Professional Forward Football Player
  • Paulo Oliveira: Portuguese Professional Football Defender
  • Danilo Oliveira: Brazilian Professional Soccer Player
  • Fábio Coentrão: Portuguese Professional Football Player
  • Sérgio Oliveira: Portuguese Professional Football Player
  • Tiago Oliveira: Brazilian Professional Footballer
  • Rúben Oliveira: Portuguese Professional Footballer
  • Anthony Oliveira: Brazilian Professional Footballer
  • Jorge Oliveira: Portuguese Professional Footballer
  • Marcelo Oliveira: Brazilian Professional Football Manager
  • Luan Oliveira: Brazilian Professional Skateboarder
  • Tony Oliveira: Brazilian Professional Bass Player and Singer
  • Emma Oliveira: Brazilian Singer and Actress
  • Kiko Oliveira: Portuguese Professional Film Editor
  • Fabíola De Oliveira: Brazilian Model
  • Marcelo Manuel da Costa Oliveira: Brazilian Actor
  • Paulo de Oliveira: Brazilian Television and Film Actor
  • João Oliveira: Portuguese Actor
  • Chico Oliveira: Brazilian Actor and Film Director

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