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Surname Onur - Meaning and Origin

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Onur: What does the surname Onur mean?

The last name Onur is of Turkish origin and is derived from the word "Onur" which means "honor" or "pride" in the Turkish language. It is a common Turkish surname, found among families across the country. Onur reflects the strong sense of honor and pride felt by many in the Turkish culture.

The Onur surname appeared in Islamic records in the late 16th century, around the time of the Ottoman Empire's expansion. It was also commonly found among the families of the Ottoman military officers as well as in court records.

There is some debate whether the Onur name has any connection with the abayas and adabas, which was a form of dress worn by untitled aristocracy in the Ottoman court. While it is unclear where the Onur surname truly originates from, it is certain that the word carries an important meaning of honor and pride that is held dearly to the Turkish people.

The Onur surname is found today throughout Turkey, as well as other parts of the Middle East, Europe, and beyond, representing the significance of this name and the sense of pride it represents.

Onur: Where does the name Onur come from?

Onur is an old Turkish name, and today it is most commonly found in Turkey and the Middle Eastern region, especially in regions with a predominantly Turkic presence.

The name is believed to have originated from the old Turkic word for "daylight", and was possibly a nod to the success of the Seljuks, an old nomadic Turkic dynasty, who conquered much of the region during the medieval period. The name may have been originally used as a mark of pride by families who descended from armies that had conquered against the Byzantines and Ottomans.

Today, Onur is still quite a popular name in Turkey, though its popularity outside of the region is declining. In the United States, the Social Security Administration ranks the name Onur as a middle-tier name, meaning it is not particularly popular but also not rare. Those with the last name Onur can be found primarily in the Northeastern US, the Midwest, and Texas.

Overall, the name is quite unique, and is still carried proudly by those who descend from the ancient Turkic people. Its long history gives the name a special presence in the minds of many, both in Turkey and in many Western countries.

Variations of the surname Onur

The surname Onur is of Turkish origin. It is used as an Ottoman honorific title which means "virtue" or "grace." It is also commonly spelled as Onurr, Onour, Onourr, Onuur, Onuurr, Onoor, Onoorr, Onar, Onarr, Onoorr, and Onarr.

Variants include Onuroglu, Onukoğlu, and Onarkan. Naming variations are Onorn, Onurio, and Onuro. Participants of the Zeybek tribe of Turkey also carry this name. This tribe is also known as Yörüks, or nomads.

The surname Onur is historically associated with the Armenians and Eastern Anatolia. It is still used today in Turkish-speaking regions such as Turkey, Iraq, Bulgaria, Greece, and the Balkan Peninsula.

This surname has evolved over time from its original Armenian spelling of Onar. Later on, due to the influence of translations into ancient Greek, the spelling was modified to honour. During the Ottoman Empire, some Armenian families adopted the Turkish spelling of Onur, as many of them had assimilated into Turkish culture. This spelling has endured to this day and is found around the world.

The surnames Onur and Onuroglu have even spread to other countries with Armenian diaspora populations such as Russia, France, Australia and the United States. It is estimated that around 20,000 people bear the surname Onur or its variants in these countries.

Famous people with the name Onur

  • Arda Onur: Arda Onur is a Turkish-born entrepreneur and investor who has advised some of the world’s largest tech companies in their Turkish investments and the development of their presence in Turkish markets. He is the founding partner of Pakt Ventures, a venture capital fund focusing on early-stage European startups.
  • Emin Onur: Emin Onur is a Turkish filmmaker and entrepreneur. He is best known for directing the feature film Flying Trees, which won several awards at various international film festivals. He is the co-founder of production company Cinema Oz and the founder of Istanbul Reels, a film festival held annually in Istanbul.
  • Onur Cobanoglu: Onur Cobanoglu is a Turkish film director and screenwriter. He has directed several documentaries and short films which have been screened in a number of international film festivals such as Istanbul International Film Festival and International Thessaloniki Film Festival.
  • Onur Tukel: Onur Tukel is a Turkish-born American filmmaker with a background in independent film and television production. He is best known for writing and directing the dark comedy Summer of Blood (2014), which won best picture from Time Out New York critic Joshua Rothkopf.
  • Onur Ayaskan: Onur Ayaskan is a Turkish musician and singer-songwriter. He has released two solo albums, Unutma Beni and Hangimiz Sevmedik, and music from his albums has been featured in several film soundtracks. He is also the lead singer of the band Taraflar, which performs a unique fusion of Turkish folk and modern pop music.

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