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Surname Paaschen - Meaning and Origin

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Paaschen: What does the surname Paaschen mean?

The last name Paaschen is derived from the Dutch/German word “Paschen” which means ‘little’ or ‘small’. It is a surname that has been in use since the mid-15th century, and is often found in the Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg, and Austria.

Paaschen is thought to have initially been used as a nickname to describe someone who was smaller in stature, or had a noticeable child-like appearance. Over time this surname appeared in an area between the Netherlands and Germany, and was also seen in some of the Dutch colonies in America.

Other variations of the surname include Paschen, Paaschens, Paschke, Pasch, Paash, Paschkin, and Pasczyk. This surname has also been Anglicised to such forms as Paske and Passe.

The current spelling of “Paaschen” is said to originate in Germany. While the original “Paschen” is still in use in the Netherlands, “Paaschen” has become the more widely used form of the name.

In general, the origin of the last name Paaschen is linked to the Romance languages, and has roots in the Old Germanic language. The meaning of the name has evolved over time to describe an individual of smaller stature or stature that reflects a more child-like quality. Today, the name Paaschen serves as a reminder of its place in Dutch and German culture and history.

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Paaschen: Where does the name Paaschen come from?

The last name Paaschen is thought to be of German origin and most common in Germany today, particularly in the northern and western regions. According to, Germany is home to the most Paaschens.

It is also found in other parts of Europe, and has begun to spread to other countries. For example, the Netherlands, France, Poland, Austria, and the Czech Republic are all places where there are Paaschen families.

Paaschens can also be found in the United States, but in significantly smaller numbers. The greatest concentrations of the family can be found in the Midwest and east coast, particularly states like Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, and Pennsylvania. California also has a number of Paaschen families, although they are more spread out than those elsewhere.

The surname Paaschen appears to be uncommon outside of Europe and the United States. The name is rarely found in other parts of the world, and no family surnamed Paaschen appears in any available records from Latin America, Asia, or Africa. It is possible that the name has spread to additional countries over time, but much less likely than in the more highly populated west.

Overall, it appears that the name Paaschen is mostly associated with Europe and the United States. From Germanic origins, it has slowly but steadily spread to other parts of these continents, but has yet to make an impact anywhere else.

Variations of the surname Paaschen

The surname Paaschen is relatively uncommon and has limited variants, spellings and surnames with similar origins. It is of German origin, deriving from the given name Pascal or Pascha, which itself is derived from biblical Hebrew. The given name means ‘one born on Passover’, which is a Jewish festive holiday.

The main variant of this surname is Paschke, but it can also be spelled Paxke, Pasch, Paschen and Passchke. Associated surnames include Paske, Pasko, Pasker and Pasley.

The variations in spelling and surname variants are often linked to regional dialectical differences in the pronunciation of the name. The surname is likely to be found more predominantly in German-speaking countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With such a small list of variants and spellings, it can be quite easy to trace the origin of Paaschen back to its biblical Hebrew roots.

Famous people with the name Paaschen

  • Camryn Paaschen: American reality TV star who appeared on the series Bring It! (2014-2018).
  • Rachael Paaschen: American environmental scientist who served as the Under Secretary of the Air Force from 2014–2017 and was the first female Under Secretary of the Air Force.
  • Didrik Paasche: Former Commissioner of the Boston Police Department (1903–1912).
  • Jonathan Paaschen: Irish-born American painter who settled in the US in 1899.
  • Claudio Paaschen: Swiss-born American sculptor known for bronze figure sculpture.
  • Elli Paasche: German journalist, writer, and editor, best known for her weekly women's magazine Die Woche.
  • Olaf Paasche: Norwegian Olympic sport shooter who won a bronze medal at the 1948 Summer Olympics.
  • Ole Wold Paasche: Norwegian official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, known for his role in founding the University of Oslo.
  • Sven Paasche: Norwegian-born American modernist architect, best known for his neocolonial and international style designs.
  • Paul Paasche: German doctor and natural scientist who specialized in schistosomiasis and helminthology.

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