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Surname Padgett - Meaning and Origin

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K. Padgett

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Padgett: What does the surname Padgett mean?

The surname Padgett is of Anglo-Saxon origin and it derived from the personal name "Patrick", which in Middle English was given the diminutive forms Pate or Pat, and then extended to become Patekin, Patkin or Paddie. The ending "-ett" or "-ot" are also diminutive suffixes. Hence, Padgett can mean "little Pat" or "son of Pat(e)". It is also found in the British Isles as Padgham, Padgin, and Padding, each holding their local derivation. The name spreads across various regions and can be found in multiple forms. In European continent, i.e., France and surrounding regions, it may have originated from Pajot or Paget. Like many surnames, over the course of centuries, spellings and meanings could shift as families moved, translated the name into the local language, or simply had nonstandardized spelling.

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Padgett: Where does the name Padgett come from?

The last name Padgett is most common in the United States, although it is also widely spread throughout the English-speaking world. According to the 1990 United States Census, it was the 243rd most common surname. In terms of geographical distribution, it is most commonly found in the Southern US and in parts of the Midwest.

Padgett is an Anglo-Saxon name, meaning "bootmaker" or "shoemaker". It is a variant of the name Paget, suggesting an occupational origin from the 17th century. Today, Padgett is still found among those who work in the boot and shoe trade, especially in the South and Midwest.

Outside of the English-speaking world, Padgett has been found in various forms throughout Europe, suggesting it may have migrated from the British Isles. The most notable variations are Paquet in France and Paiget in Spain.

In the 21st century, the last name Padgett continues to remain relatively popular, although with changing demographics and migrations across the world, the geographical distribution is likely to have shifted over time. It is still most often found in the United States amongst those who trace their heritage to England, Ireland, and Scotland.

Variations of the surname Padgett

The surname Padgett is a patronymic type of surname derived from the personal name of Padge. This name has been recorded in various spellings including Padget, Padgett, Padgitt, Padgate and Padgete.

In some cases it has also been found as the shortened form Padgie which is most commonly found in Ireland and Scotland. In some cases the spelling Padge has also been used in the United States.

It is believed that the origin of the Padgett surname is derived from the Old Norse phrase Pagan-et which means the son of Pagan. Pagan was a common given name in medieval Britain and its Scandinavian counterparts were Pagan, Paggan, Pacha and Paga. The name Pagan has also been found as Paygan and Paygen in parts of England.

The Padgett surname has been found in various countries such as the United States, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In some cases, the Padgett surname has also been found as a variant spelling in Germany and the Netherlands as Poget and Pogt.

It is believed that the earliest recordings of the Padgett surname occurred in the 16th century in Lancashire, England, where a family of the same name was recorded in the Wills at Richmondshire. In 1625, John Padgett was mentioned in the tax returns of London. In Scotland, the Padgett surname has been recorded since 1296 when Peter Pagan was recorded in the Rolls of the Aberdeenshire county border.

In the United States, the Padgett surname has been found since the Colonial period when George Padget is recorded in Virginia in 1634 and Benjamin Padgett in Maryland in 1760. Later, members of the Padgett family were among the earliest settlers of North Carolina and Tennessee.

Today, the Padgett surname is most commonly found in the United States, England, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand.

Famous people with the name Padgett

  • Gavin Padgett: An American college basketball player who plays for the Murray State Racers
  • Travis Padgett: An American professional sprinter who competed in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games.
  • Mason Padgett: An American racecar driver who competes in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.
  • Terry Padgett: An American former professional basketball player who played in the NBA for several teams.
  • Mason Padgett: An American Professional golfer with 4 PGA Tour wins.
  • Tevin Padgett: An American football wide receiver who has played in the NFL.
  • Paige Padgett: An American singer-songwriter and YouTube star who gained fame through her self-titled channel.
  • Chiney Ogwumike and Nneka Ogwumike: Nigerian-American professional basketball players in the WNBA whose father is named Mike Padgett.
  • Lindsey Padgett: An American swimmer and Olympic gold medalist.
  • Devin Padgett: A former American baseball player who played in the Major Leagues for the Oakland Athletics.
  • Reggie Padgett: A former American football wide receiver who played in the NFL.
  • Shooter Padgett: An American singer and songwriter who released his debut album in 2019.
  • JD Padgett: An American professional wrestler who currently performs on the independent circuit.
  • Justin Padgett: An American track and field athlete who specialized in the 400 meters hurdles.
  • Marques Padgett: An American professional basketball player who competed in the American Basketball Association.
  • Michelle Padgett: An American singer and songwriter who has released 4 studio albums.
  • Quenton Padgett: An American professional wrestler who competed in the World Wrestling Federation and Championship Wrestling from Florida.
  • Robert Padgett: An American professional racecar driver who competed in the ARCA Menards Series.
  • Rickie Padgett: An American former professional football player who played in the NFL.
  • Ryan Padgett: An American professional football player who is currently a wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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