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Surname Paelike - Meaning and Origin

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Paelike: What does the surname Paelike mean?

The last name Paelike is believed to be of Scandinavian origin. The name is thought to come from two separate names, "Pae," which is believed to mean "stone" or "rock," and "like," which is thought to mean "meadow," making the literal translation of the name "Paelike" to be "stone meadow."

It is likely that the name had some relation to a family who lived near a particular area that was near a stone meadow, likely derived from a place where flint or other stones were plentiful or had an association with a stone meadow-like landscape. This connection could also explain why the name Paelike may be found in parts of the world with a high concentration of Scandinavian settlers, likely having spread along with the settlers.

The name Paelike may also have been derived from "Pae" being a short form of another name, particularly Peter, where the addition of "like" has been thought to either be a patronym or simply derived from having been associated with a meadow.

Most importantly, the meaning of the name Paelike could simply represent the values of its ancestors; a ruggedness derived from stone meadows and a connection to the land that may have been essential to the family’s survival.

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Paelike: Where does the name Paelike come from?

The last name Paelike does not appear to be common any place in the world today. Paelike does not appear on any lists of surname distributions within the country and it is not listed in the US Census Bureau's list of the 1,000 most common surnames in the United States.

The last name Paelike does appear on various genealogy websites, suggesting that the name may be Eastern European - in particular, Finland. Queries on genealogy forums suggest that Paelike is an uncommon surname in Finland.

When searching for the origins of the name, no definitive results came up - just an old World War 1 draft registration for a man named Henry Paelike in Virginia. Besides that, the only other uses of the name Paelike were for various records in Finland, such as a birth/baptism record in the year 1714 and an obituary for Ivar Paelike from the year 1880.

It is possible that Paelike is an uncommon last name, perhaps from a much earlier time period. Its origins are unknown. While it does not appear to be very common today, family members who share the last name Paelike can come together through researching their genealogical history and connecting with possible relatives who share the same name.

Variations of the surname Paelike

Paelike is a surname originating in the Nordic countries and is sometimes spelled as Päälikki or Paalicke. It is also found in Estonia and Finland, where it is spelled as Paelike or Päulike.

The origin of the surname is from personal names, or nickname in some cases. While some variants of the name are from English, other variations derive from German, including Paelich and Pelich.

In Finland, variations such as Pähälehto and Pelkonen can be found. In Estonia, it is spelled as Paelike, Paeli or Palike.

In Sweden, variants of the surname include Päälckorhurd, Pääzlick, Paalike, Padlik, Paalick, Paelick, Paarlick, Palick and Paälik.

In Denmark, Pählke and Pahle-Jørgensen are two common spellings of the name, while in Norway, variants of the name can be found including Pählke, Paalek, Palek and Peelek.

In the United States, the surname is spelled as Paalike, female versions being Paelik and Paelike.

Throughout the Germanic countries the surname is found as Paalke, Paalichen, Paalich, Paalck and Paalcke.

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the name Paelik or Palik is common, while in Hungary, it is spelled as Paelik or Palik.

Overall, the surname Paelike is derived from personal names, or nicknames, and variations of the name in different countries can be found such as Paalike, Paelike, Päälikki, Paelicke, Paeli, Palike and Pähälehto.

Famous people with the name Paelike

  • Rose Perica Paelike: Rose Perica Paelike was the elder daughter of Hawaiian Ali’i Kalaimamahu and Laʻamaikahiki and the granddaughter of Kapawa and Kakuakane, two important chiefly warriors and priests of the Village of Waimea.
  • Kalapana Paelike: Kalapana Paelike was a respected Native Hawaiian historian and genealogist who served on the Hawaii Statehood Commission. He was an influential figure in the Native Hawaiian sovereignty movement and was a critical figure in documenting and preserving Hawaiian history, culture, and traditions.
  • Tihati Paelike: Tihati Paelike is a Native Hawaiian singer, songwriter, and music producer. He is considered to be one of the pioneers of contemporary contemporary Hawaiian music, and has released several influential solo albums.
  • Wai'ale`ale Paelike: Wai'ale`ale Paelike is a professional hula dancer, teacher, and chanter. He has been performing, teaching, and sharing Hawaiian cultural arts for nearly three decades and is widely acclaimed for his scholarship and contributions to the preservation of traditional Polynesian culture in Hawaii.
  • Kimo Paelike: Kimo Paelike is a Native Hawaiian activist and environmentalist. He is the founder of Na Kalai Waa O Waimea, a Hawaiian cultural school focused on educating the next generation of Hawaiian youth in traditional knowledge and land stewardship.

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