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Surname Pagani - Meaning and Origin

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Pagani: What does the surname Pagani mean?

The surname Pagani is of Italian origin, derived from the term "pagano," which translates to "pagan" in English. Pagani was often originally used as a nickname for a person who was considered a heathen or non-believer in the Christian religion. The term also refers to rural areas or countryside in Latin, so in some cases, it may have been used to identify a person who was from the country. Like many surnames prevalent in the middle ages, Pagani could have been referencing an individual's personal characteristics, place of origin, occupation, or even an ancestor's name. The surname Pagani is popular in southern Italy, especially in the regions of Campania and Sicily. It's also the last name of an Italian automobile manufacturer, Horacio Pagani, who founded the Pagani Automobili S.p.A, known worldwide for creating high-performing sports cars.

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Pagani: Where does the name Pagani come from?

Pagani is a surname that can be found in several countries around the world today. It is most commonly associated with Italy and could have been derived from the Mediterranean-style architecture present in the region, as the word “pagan” means “public square” in Italian. It is also a Spanish surname traceable to the Navarra region of the Basque Country. In Spain, the surname Pagani may refer to occupation-based origins, coming from the Latin pagus (countryside), as many people with the name would have had their origin in rural villages.

In Brazil, the surname Pagani can be traced back to Italian immigrants, making it a common Italian-Brazilian surname. It is also popular in Argentina, Venezuela, the United States, Mexico, and Uruguay. In the United States, Pagani is most commonly found in New York and New Jersey, with about 1,900 people having the last name in 2009.

In general, the Pagani family is known to be an old Italian family with a long and proud history. They are well known for their contributions, values, and traditions that pass down from generation to generation. Today, the name Pagani is found amongst many cultures, all of which have embraced this name and made it their own.

Variations of the surname Pagani

The surname Pagani is a very common Italian surname with many variants and spellings, as well as a few surnames believed to be derived from it.

The commonly used variations of Pagani are: Pagano, Paganelli, Paganini, Paglia, Pagliani, Pagnani, Pagnano, Pagnelli, Pagnini, Paganon, and Paganotto.

The alternate spellings of Pagani include: Paganio, Paganione, Payani, Paeani, Payano, Paiana, Paina, Payan, and Payanes.

There are several other surnames believed to be derived from the name Pagani. These include: Paggioli, Paganucci, Paganutti, Paganesca, Paginini, Paganozzo, and Paganini.

In addition, the name Pagani could also have been derived from the Italian word "pagano", meaning "pagan". This could be one of the possible origins of the surname.

Finally, there are some people with the surname Pagano who have no clear connection to the Pagani name. These persons probably adopted the name sometime after the Pagani family first established itself in Italy.

Famous people with the name Pagani

  • Horacio Pagani: an Argentine automotive designer, entrepreneur and founder of Pagani Automobili.
  • Guido Pagani: an Italian composer and conductor.
  • Paolo Pagani: an Italian artist, sculptor and designer.
  • Eduardo Pagani: an Argentinian artist, composer, producer and musical director.
  • Antony Pagani: an Italian author and science fiction writer.
  • Juan Carlos Pagani: a Spanish soccer player.
  • Yara de Pagani: an Italian actress.
  • Alberto Pagani: an Italian Olympic rower and gold medalist.
  • Demetrio Pagani: an Italian professional football player.
  • Mauro Pagani: an Italian musician, composer and record producer.

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