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Surname Pagget - Meaning and Origin

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Pagget: What does the surname Pagget mean?

The surname Pagget is of English and French Norman origin and is derived from two possible sources. One theory is that it is a diminutive form of "Page," which means "young servant" or "youth employed as a page". It may have been used as a nickname for someone who worked in such a role. It could also imply someone youthful or lively in nature.

The other possible derivation is from the personal name "Pacho," a reduced form of the Norman name Paschalis, which means "relating to Easter". This name was given to children born during Easter. Through generations and spellings variation, it may have evolved into Pagget.

However, as with many last names, the exact meaning and origin can be uncertain and may vary among families with the same surname. An individual family's history and lineage often provide a more accurate and personalized meaning of the surname. As such, for a precise understanding of the Pagget surname's significance, genealogical research would be beneficial.

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Pagget: Where does the name Pagget come from?

The last name Pagget is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, specifically England and Wales. According to surname distribution maps from Forebears and the National Trust, prevalence of the name, as a percentage of total population, is highest in the Yorkshire and Humber regions with 0.01%. This percentage decreases as we move further south with the name becoming sparsely distributed and only rare occurrences in the London and South East regions.

It is also found in places in Europe such as France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. The name is however much more rare, usually in very small numbers or isolated occurrences in each of these countries. The same is true of countries outside Europe such as Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

The name, of english origin, is derived from the Latin name Pagetum meaning a portion of land used for pasture. It is suggested that this was most likely used as a descriptive last name, indicating an ancestor who owned or rented land for grazing livestock.

In conclusion, the majority of the name Pagget can be found in England and Wales, and has slowly become more widely distributed in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

Variations of the surname Pagget

The surname Pagget or Paggett has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Variations of the name include Packet, Packett, Paget, Pagit, Paige, Pacit, Pagit, Pagent, Paguet, and Pagest.

The name was first recorded in England in the year 1273 AD, and has been said to have originated from either Normans or Welsh. It is believed to have been a nickname, which Yankees pronounce as “Parjet,” for “packer” or “baggage-handler.” The term “pagge” is also believed to be a nickname for the M.P. Paging or Captain.

The spelling of the surname evolved over time, with Paget, Pacite, and Pagitt being some of the oldest recorded spelling variations. In some of the more unusual spellings, “g” was sometimes substituted for an “s,” eventually forming Pagent, Paguet, and Piget. In different regions, the spelling of the surname changed to fit local dialects.

The distinctive spelling remained prevalent in the counties of Kent, Surrey, and Sussex, while some spelling variations were adopted in parts of North and East Anglia in the Midland regions of England.

In America, the spelling of Pagget or Paggett was simplified to become the Packet or Packett we know today. Variations of Packet can be found from Massachusetts to New York and beyond.

Variants of this surname can also be found in Scotland, including Paganet, Paganot, and Packot, as well as in parts of Scandinavia and Hungary.

So, to summarize, the surname Paget, and its variants, can be found in many countries and regions. It has been subject to many different spellings over the centuries and is believed to have originated from either the Norman or Welsh culture. Variations of the name continue to be found throughout England, America, Scotland, Scandinavia, and Hungary.

Famous people with the name Pagget

  • Jessie Pagget: an American socialite, nightlife figure and social media influencer.
  • Daniel Pagget: a modern artist and painter whose work deals with memory, identity and the fascinating lives and deaths of forgotten people.
  • Lauren Pagget: a fashion model and successful Instagram influencer.
  • Florence Pagget: an acclaimed Hollywood film producer and screenwriter.
  • Mark Pagget: an Olympic speed skater who was the first American ever to set a world record in the 1000 m.
  • Chelsey Pagget: a British singer and songwriter, and the lead vocalist of the band Stereoz.
  • Albert Pagget: a critically acclaimed screenwriter, best known for his work on films such as A Quiet Place, The Martian and Gettysburg.
  • Brooke Pagget: an American successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker.
  • Richard Pagget: an award-winning British actor who has appeared in many films and on television.
  • Matthew Pagget: a renowned British comedy writer and actor.

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