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Diving into My Ancestry: The Secrets & Surprises Unearthed by My iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Pahl

Taking the iGENEA test opened the door to a world I didn't know about. My surname, Pahl, held surprising stories centred around unexpected turns and revelations, painting a colorful picture of a well-traveled ancestry.

After waiting for several weeks, my iGENEA results finally popped up in my inbox. Anticipation was running high; would the outcome reveal something surprising about my ancestry? The answer, as it turned out, was a resounding yes! My DNA unravelled a patchwork quilt of ethnicities, cultures, and histories, illuminating a path through time that I had never known about. The name 'Pahl,' it seemed, held more depth and intrigue than I had ever imagined. Discovering I had roots in Baltic and Eastern Europe was just the beginning, followed by an unexpected twist with Asian and Northern African ties too. This journey of self-discovery was both enlightening and full of surprises.

E. Pahl

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