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Unraveling My Roots: What the iGENEA DNA Test Revealed about my Surname and Genetic Health Risks

Family name Paige

Embarking on the enlightening journey of an iGENEA DNA test, I discovered fascinating insights about my surname, 'Paige'. Traced back to origins heavily influenced by the French and English language, the Paige surname was found to be associated with Celtic ancestry which might have migrated across Ireland, Scotland, England, and France. The test also laid bare certain genetic markers influencing health risks, facilitating proactive management.

When I initially decided to undertake a DNA test, I was primarily interested in uncovering more about myself -- my roots, my genetic background, and what my genes could possibly reveal about my health. Yet, as the results from the iGENEA DNA test streamed in, I was struck by the fascinating revelations not just about me, but my surname Paige too.

The Paige surname was found to be heavily influenced by the French and English language, both with varying interpretations. In English, it was a commonplace term for a 'young servant', while in French, 'Paige' denoted a boy or servant, similar to that of a knight in training. The connection here might seem slightly disheveled, but it pointed toward a possibility of a deep historic reference.

Interestingly, the genetic traces in my DNA were congruent with a Celtics background, purportedly being more prevalent in the regions of Ireland, Scotland, and some parts of England and France. Given this been the case, it was not much of a stretch to surmise that my ancestors could have belonged to a Celtic tribe and migrated across these European regions.

Moreover, the DNA test also shed light on some genetic markers related to health. It indicated a lower-than-average risk for certain cardiovascular diseases, but a slightly higher predisposition to some metabolic conditions. While these insights might seem alarming, it's essential to realize that DNA predictions aren't definitive and lifestyle factors contribute significantly to health outcomes.

To sum up, my iGENEA DNA test was a rewarding journey that unraveled diverse aspects about my surname 'Paige'. It left me with a sense of deeper connection to my roots and better informed about potential genetic-based health risks that allowed me to manage them proactively.

E. Paige

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