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Surname Paisley - Meaning and Origin

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Paisley: What does the surname Paisley mean?

The surname Paisley is of Scottish origin, derived from the town of Paisley in Renfrewshire, Scotland. The town's name is thought to be of Brythonic or Old Welsh origin, with possible meanings including "church" or "cemetery." The name was often given to those who lived in or were from this town. In the Middle Ages, Paisley was known for its abbey and as a center of learning, which may have also contributed to the spread of the surname through religious or scholarly connections. Over time, the surname spread throughout Scotland and into other parts of the UK, as well as to other countries through immigration. Additionally, the term "paisley" is also used to describe a popular fabric design pattern featuring a teardrop-shaped motif of Persian and Indian origin, but this is unrelated to the surname's meaning.

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Paisley: Where does the name Paisley come from?

The last name Paisley is relatively common in the United Kingdom, particularly in Scottland. The Paisley area in Renfrewshire, Scotland is estimated to have around 200,000 people who carry the name. It is believed to have originated from Breakerfield in the same area and indicates that the holder may have come from the town.

In England, Paisley is most common in the North of the country, primarily in the County's of Durham, Lancashire and Yorkshire. There are also smaller pockets in other areas, such as London and Essex. In recent years, due to migration, it has started to spread to other countries including the United States, Canada and Australia. It is believed to be the 50th most popular name in the United States with a population of over 43,000 people.

Overall, the name Paisley is present in Nicholas of countries and the estimated number of people with the last name is increasing. Further research may be required to understand more about the origin of the name as well as to estimate the number of people with the name in various countries.

Variations of the surname Paisley

The surname Paisley has variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The most common variant of this surname is Pasley, which is simply a spelling variation of the original. You will also see this surname spelled as Paisly, Pazley, Paislie, Pasly, and Paslay.

Other surnames of the same origin include Patchell, Passley, Passlee, Paszli, Pashley, Pazlay, Paseley, Pasely, Paslie, Passage, Paseell, and Paseal.

The origin of the surname Paisley is thought to come from Paise, an Old English term that referred to a settlement on a flat piece of land by the sea. It was taken on as a surname used to identify people who lived in such a settlement, or who came from a place that had this named. It eventually became the more common spelling of Paisley, as the surnames were passed down through different generations.

The surname is particularly common in Scotland, where it was first used, though it can now be found all over England and Ireland. It is also one of the most popular surnames in the United States and Canada, where many people with this surname emigrated from Scotland.

In addition to its variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin, the Paisley surname has also given rise to many other surnames, such as Patchell, Pashley, and Pontz. These names all derive from the same root as Paisley.

Famous people with the name Paisley

  • Brad Paisley: Grammy-winning country music singer, songwriter, composer, and actor.
  • Chuck Paisley: American professional golfer.
  • Levertis Steele: Delta blues guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer.
  • Ike Paisley: Scottish footballer.
  • Joe Paisley: American horse trainer.
  • Bob Paisley: Professional footballer and manager at Liverpool F.C.
  • Royce Paisley: American International Film and TV star.
  • Lamont Paisley: Canadian film actor and journalist.
  • Jonathan Paisley: British actor and producer known for his role in TV series Thomas & Friends.
  • Geddes Paisley: American actor who featured in movies such as Get Smart and The Princess Diaries.
  • John Paisley: American writer and author of The Good Spy: The Life and Death of Robert Ames.
  • Bethany Paisley: Canadian actress who has been in films such as Juno and TV shows such as Life with Derek.
  • Kenny Paisley: Country music singer and songwriter.
  • Eva Paisley: Scottish actress best known for her role in the film version of Just Henry.
  • Johnnie Paisley: Scottish footballer.
  • Sherrié Paisley: Award-winning country music artist.
  • Angus Paisley: British actor known for his roles in movies such as Closer and Identity.
  • Toby Paisley: American actor and stand-up comedian, who appeared in movies such as Dumb and Dumber To.

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