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Surname Paisnel - Meaning and Origin

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Paisnel: What does the surname Paisnel mean?

The last name Paisnel is derived from the French term 'paisnel', meaning threshold or entryway. This family name originally indicated a person who was the chief janitor or doorkeeper of a building, a role that was important in 14th-century France.

Today, people with the surname Paisnel can trace their ancestry back to the small village of Paisnel, located in northern France. The origin of this village-name is thought to have derived from the Latin term 'pons', meaning a bridge, and to this day Paisnel remains a very small commune with only about 623 inhabitants as of 2015.

The surname Paisnel is associated with families from other parts of France, as well as from German and Dutch speaking countries. In addition, this family name has also been recorded in United States and Canadian records, although the source of these surnames is unclear.

In general, the meaning of the name Paisnel suggests a hard-working, dedicated individual with a determined and enterprising spirit. As such, it would appear to be a name appropriately matched to generations of families who take pride in their work and contributions to society.

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Paisnel: Where does the name Paisnel come from?

Paisnel is an uncommon name today, found primarily in France, Britain, and Canada. The name originated in France, from the Old French "paisnel," meaning "small country" or "small village." In the 13th century, the Paisnel family were among the earliest settlers in Normandy, in the area known as the Pays de Caux. From the middle ages onward, the name was found within the region of the Pays de Caux in Normandy, especially in the area of Dieppe.

Since the 18th century, the name has spread to other parts of France, although it is still most commonly associated with Normandy, and is also found in parts of northern and western France. The name is also found in Britain, due to significant French immigration over the centuries. Those bearing the name are mainly from Normandy, as well as from Brittany and France's Atlantic coast. In Canada, the name can be found mainly in Quebec and Eastern New Brunswick.

Due to emigration in the 19th and 20th centuries, Paisnel families can also be found in other parts of the world, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa.

Variations of the surname Paisnel

The surname Paisnel is a variant of the French name Pagnel. Other variants or spellings include Paisnal, Paisnell, Paisell, Paizel, Paijnel, Paingel, and Paingell.

This surname was derived from the old French name Pagnel, which first appeared in records during the 10th century. It is derived from the Latin word panniculus, which means "little piece of cloth or cloak". Pagnel was frequently used as a nickname for someone who used to wear an elegant cape or cloak.

In 14th century England, the spelling of the surname changed to Paisnel. There is a connection between the family name Paisnel and the English surnames Pasnele and Pavnell. During the 16th century, the variants Pasnall and Painsill were found in Lancashire. The spelling of the name changed to Painsall and Painsill when it was introduced to America during the 17th century.

Other spellings of the surname have been identified in a variety of countries and regions, including: Payesnel in Brittany, France; Passnel in Italy, Poland and Hungary; Pessnel in Switzerland; and Paisendo in Basque mountain region in Spain.

Today, Paisnel is the most common variant of the surname, although it is still seen in different spellings across different regions.

Famous people with the name Paisnel

  • Jo Paisnel (British folk singer and songwriter known for his songs inspired by rural Kent)
  • Guy Paisnel (French entomologist and geneticist)
  • Mary Shelly Paisnel (British author best known for her Gothic horror novel, Frankenstein)
  • Bertrand Paisnel (French basso drammatico opera singer)
  • Florence Paisnel (British sculptor and artist)
  • Shonagh Paisnel (British television and radio presenter)
  • Frank Paisnel (1914-1972, British gangster known as 'The Beast of Jersey')
  • Eric Paisnel (1931-1994, British criminal often called the 'Voodoo King of Britain')
  • Roper Paisnel (British organist and choir director)
  • Mabel Paisnel (British Labour party councillor, known as 'Mother of Rye')

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