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Surname Paiva - Meaning and Origin

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Paiva: What does the surname Paiva mean?

The surname Paiva is derived from the Portuguese word for 'marshy land in a valley'. It is believed to have originated from a families who once lived on the Paiva River in the region of northern Portugal.

The name is derived from the Latin pagus, which means village or settlement. It is believed that the surname was first used by the Roman Catholic settlers who moved to Portugal from Spain following the rule of the Moors in the 8th century.

The surname is most common in Portugal, but is also found in both Angola and Brazil.

In Portuguese culture, the surname generally indicates that the person has a rural background and may have ancestors who were farmers, shepherds or other types of rural workers.

The spelling and pronunciation of the surname varies depending on the region. For example, in Brazil it is pronounced 'PAH-vuh' or 'PAH-ee-vuh' and is spelled Paiva or Paive. In Portugal, it is pronounced 'PIE-vuh' and is spelled Paiva.

Regardless of the regional variation, Paiva is a meaningful and strongly held family name. It serves as a reminder of an ancestral home and a proud Portuguese heritage.

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Paiva: Where does the name Paiva come from?

The last name Paiva is most common among Portuguese-speaking countries, particularly Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, and Portugal. One of the reasons for its widespread prevalence is likely due to its simple spelling and pronunciation, as well as the fact that it’s derived from Saint Paul, one of the most crucial figures of Christianity.

In Brazil, Paiva is the 25th most common surname with over 131,000 bearers – a majority of which are located in the south of the country, particularly in Paraná, Minas Gerais, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. In Angola, it is the 16th most common surname, particularly on the Luanda coastline and northern provinces. The same holds true for Mozambique with the largest population carrying the Paiva surname living in and around Maputo City.

In Portugal, the Paiva surname understandably carries the most weight considering it is the country of origin. It is the 32nd most common surname with over 26,000 bearers in total, concentrated in the greater Lisbon area, Setubal, Braga, and Leiria. The eastern Algarve region is where you can find a significantly larger amount of bearers compared to the rest of the country.

Outside of Europe, the Paiva surname is quite rare with small bearers located in North America, particularly the U.S, and the Dominican Republic.

Variations of the surname Paiva

The surname Paiva (spelled in a variety of ways including Páiva, Páyva, Pai͂va, Payva,Payvah, Paivah, and Paiivah) is thought to have originated in Portugal and spread to Spanish-speaking countries such as Brazil. The surname is likely derived from a biblical place name after the Philistine city of Gath, which is referred to in the Old Testament of the Bible, which was called the city of Gath paivah.

In Portugal, the spellings Páiva, Páyva, and Pai͂va are more commonly seen, while in Spanish countries such as Brazil, variations of Payva, Payvah, Paivah and Paiivah are the more popular spellings. Other Spanish spellings of this surname have also been recorded, such as Paiyva.

Apart from Paiva, other surnames that are derived from this surname include Páyven, Páven, Paven, Pavino, and Pavin.

A great variety of nicknames are associated with the Paiva surname, such as Pai/Pay, Paiu/Payu, Payita, Payitaeta, Payón, and Vita. Some of these nicknames also have alternative spellings, such as Payeta and Vayeta.

Other variants of the surname include the Flemish and Dutch spelling Payvaer, as well as the Italian spelling Payvah.The German spelling of this surname is Päyva. The Spanish speaking countries in the Caribbean, the Americas, and some parts of Europe, have adapted the Paiva surname into other spellings such as Pávos, Pávosy, and Pávus. In some cases, hyphenations are seen in the form of Pay-Vá.

In Galicia, a region in Northwestern Spain, the surname is commonly spelled as Pai͂vo, and in some cases, there is a tendency to double the vowel at the end, resulting in the variant, Paiivoa.

Famous people with the name Paiva

  • Winnifred Paiva: she is an actress who starred in the film "Happy Summer" (2015) as well as in the soap opera "The Storm" (2014).
  • Carlos Paiva: he is a former Dominican Republic football player and the current coach for the Dominican Republic national football team.
  • Edson Paiva: he is a Brazilian artist and illustrator who won an Aubrey Beardsley Award in 2003.
  • Joelma Paiva: she is a Brazilian model and businesswoman who is the founder of the fashion brand Joelma Paiva For You.
  • João Guilherme Paiva: he is a Brazilian actor and singer known for his roles in novelas "Camaleão" and "Maldosas".
  • Marta Paiva: she is a Brazilian stage actress who has acted in prominent plays like "Anjo, a Tragedia de Monte Mor," "A Ordem do Gás," and "Uma Lança no Peito".
  • Pedro Paiva: he is a Brazilian photographer who has published several photo books, including "Urbanoids," "Festival Carimbo Negro" and "Transparente."
  • Rui Paiva: he is a Portuguese film director and screenwriter whose films include "Dr. Cícero", "The Appointment" and "The Trance of Bread".
  • Paulo Paiva: he is a Brazilian musician who has worked with many popular Brazilian artists including Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso.
  • Pablo Paiva: he is a Brazilian magician and illusionist who has performed in many stages around the world including Carnegie Hall.

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