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Surname Palang - Meaning and Origin

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Palang: What does the surname Palang mean?

The surname Palang is of Indonesian origin. It means ‘wood plank’ or ‘wood fence’, and symbolizes strength and stability. It is believed to be related to the ancient Palang Dynasty, which was once a powerful ruling family in Eastern Java.

The Palang Dynasty was significant for its strong traditions of hospitality and for its commitment to justice and independence. This is reflected in the symbols of the Palang patron, who were known for protecting their villages from harm. The patron was often depicted as a female figure holding a plank of wood, emphasizing steadfastness and authority.

The surname Palang was also a title of the rulers of the Palang Dynasty, and remained a popular name even as the powerful family declined with the arrival of the Dutch. For Indonesians, the name Palang often symbolizes a strong sense of loyalty and dedication to the community, as well as to the values of the past. It is believed that those who carry the Palang surname are not only connected to the Palang Dynasty, but have their roots deeply embedded in the culture and values of Indonesia.

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Palang: Where does the name Palang come from?

The last name Palang is most common in India, especially across the southern and western states. It is believed to have originated in the area of Punjab in northern India and spread out across the region. In addition, Palang can be found in parts of other South Eastern countries, like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

The most frequent states in India where Palang is present are Kerala, Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Punjab, Gujarat, and Telangana. Outside of India, there are significant populations of Palang in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

In India, the name Palang is mostly associated as a Hindu name. However, many people with the last name Palang have different religious affiliations, including Christianity and Islam.

In the United States, for example, many Palangs can be found belonging to the Parsi community. People with the last name Palang also immigrated from Punjab after the Partition of India in 1947. Communities of Palang can also be found all over the globe, in countries like Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, and Qatar.

Variations of the surname Palang

The Palang surname has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

The most common spelling is “Palang”, also commonly used throughout the Philippines, and can also spell it as “Palaang” and “Palag”.

The Palang surname also has many local variants, such as “Paleng” in the Cebuano language, “Palagsing” in Iloko, “Palens” in Waray, and “Palanc” in Tagalog.

In addition to these local variants, the Palang surname has several other surnames of the same origin, including the more commonly used variants of “Palange”, “Palencia”, and “Palingo”.

The Palang surname appears to have various disputed origins, with some theorizing that it originated from a Spanish surname. Others believe it originated from a Visayan word, which means “fish”, or a Tagalog word, which means “pearl”.

The Palang surname is also found in England, where it is spelled “Paling”, and in Scotland, where it is often spelled “Pallen” or “Palen”.

The Palang surname is also found in the United States, where it is often spelled “Palangio”, “Palgong”, “Pallong”, or “Palone”.

No matter how it is spelled, the Palang surname is a distinct and unique surname and its variants are evidence of its various origins and cultural significance.

Famous people with the name Palang

  • Juri Palang, Estonian weightlifter
  • Tim Palang, Estonian musician and member of jazz band Kool
  • Olav-Gustav Palang, Estonian entrepreneur and founder of Palang Transport
  • Kaarel Palang, Estonian journalist
  • Tarmo Palang, Estonian politician
  • Elin Palang, Estonian businesswoman and former director of the Estonian Competition Authority
  • Kairi Palang, Estonian swimmer
  • Anneli Palang, Estonian camerawoman
  • Toomas Palang, Estonian actor
  • Greg Palang, American professional ice hockey player

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