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Surname Paling - Meaning and Origin

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Paling: What does the surname Paling mean?

The last name Paling is of Dutch origin and is derived from the Old Dutch verb "palingen," meaning to "palisade" or "line with poles." Specifically, the surname is believed to have evolved from the phrase "van den palingen," meaning "one from of the poles" or "inhabitant of the poles." This phrase referred to someone who lived near a palisade or fence made of poles, typically used for protection. The surname has been Anglicized to Paling, but variations of it can be found in many languages, including Palinge, Palling, Pallin, Plinging, and Plynnge.

Today, this surname can be found primarily in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, and the US. It is a relatively common surname in the Netherlands, with over 8000 reported Palings in the country. It is also very common in the UK and US, where it tends to be spelled "Paling," but other less common spellings can be found.

The Paling surname is associated with a long lineage of Dutch farmers, fishermen, and tradespeople, generally found in river delta areas. Descendants of Paling lineages are known for their industrious, hardworking, and loyal nature. Across generations, the Paling surname continues to be respected and actively used in various parts of the world.

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Paling: Where does the name Paling come from?

The last name Paling is fairly uncommon and not found within the top 100 most common surnames in any country. It is more commonly seen in the Netherlands,scattered throughout many other countries around the world.

In the Netherlands, Paling is generally found in the North and along the Zeeland coast, mostly found in the province of Noord-Holland. In some other European countries it is found in small numbers, such as Austria, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

Paling can also be found in the United States, mostly among people of Dutch,German or French descent. Those bearing the surname Paling can mainly be found in states and cities with a greater Dutch population such as New York, California, Michigan, Illinois, Nebraska, and Utah.

In Canada, Paling is mostly found in the eastern provinces of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

According to the World Names Profiler, the Paling surname is the 4,350th most common surname in the world, with approximately 15,000 people bearing the name Paling.

Variations of the surname Paling

The Paling surname can take a number of different variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin.











The Paling family comes from England, predominantly the county of Lancashire. It is likely derived from a place name, perhaps derived from the English word "pall" which is related to a fence, in the sense that it was a locality enclosed by a fence or boundary. It is also possible that the family name is derived from the Old English word “paling”, referring to a fence made of pointed stakes.

Variants of the Paling surname can be found throughout England and occasionally elsewhere. For instance, the Paling name was documented in Ireland as early as 1699, when one John Pallinge is recorded as having been granted land in Kinsale, County Cork. Paling is also found as far afield as the United States, where it has been recorded since 1644 in the Virginia Colony.

Today, the Paling surname continues to be found in almost all the major English-speaking countries of the world, including England, Australia, Canada, the United States and New Zealand. Spelling variations of the Paling name are also still common in a range of countries, from Poland, with its Piling and Pelling variations, to Germany, with its Pelen surname.

Famous people with the name Paling

  • Jonathan Paling: American television producer noted for his work on the show 10 Things I Hate About You.
  • Boyd Paling: Australian Comedian and Actor known for his comedic political cabaret act, ‘The Discoverable Mocker’.
  • Jim Paling: American film and TV actor, dancer, comedian and singer known for his TV appearances on shows such as ‘G.L.O.W’ and ‘Laverne and Shirley’.
  • Dr. Robert Paling: Leadership Author and Executive Coach specializing in the health care industry.
  • Seema Paling: Bollywood actress and Miss India UK 2005.
  • Shayne Paling: English Electronic music producer and artist best known for his contribution to the Trance genre.
  • Sarah Paling: British author and journalist, she is perhaps best known for her novel ‘The House of Dharma’.
  • Monique Paling: Dutch actress who has acted in several Dutch and Belgian films and TV shows.
  • Vladimir Paling: Composer, Piano Accordionist and Musicologist specializing in Intercultural Music.
  • Philipp Paling: German journalist and TV presenter, most known for his shows on German news network N-tv.

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