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Surname Paquett - Meaning and Origin

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Paquett: What does the surname Paquett mean?

The surname Paquett is of French origin and dates back to the 13th century. It is thought to originate from a personal name, Pacaud, which is derived from the Latin name Pactius, meaning “peaceful.”

Many variations of the surname exist, including Paket, Packett, Packet, Peacock, and PDQ. The earliest recorded spelling of the surname is that of John Paket, recorded at the Cirencester, Gloucestershire in the year 1273. The modern spelling form appeared in the 16th century as Paquett.

The name would have been given to a person thought to embody peaceful qualities – one who was physically and spiritually strong, reasonable in judgment, and respected in his home and community. This could suggest a certain nobility or class privilege in the original bearer of the name.

Other countries that are associated with the name include France, Belgium, and Switzerland. In France, the name mainly appears as Pacquet or Paquette, while in Belgium it becomes Packet or Packet.

Families bearing the name Paquett can be found in numerous parts of the world today. The first recorded bearer is thought to have emigrated from France to England in the late 1800s, and the family likely dispersed further after that. With the advent of the internet, it is now much easier to trace the history of such a name, allowing today’s individuals with the name Paquett to find their roots and uncover the story of their ancestors.

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Paquett: Where does the name Paquett come from?

The last name Paquett is most common today in French-speaking areas and among French-speaking communities. It is particularly prevalent in Quebec, where it is the 79th most common last name, and throughout much of Canada, where an estimated 9,000 people bear this surname.

It is also common in other parts of Europe, particularly in France, where it ranks as the 407th most popular family name. In the United States, the name Paquett is found mainly in the Great Lakes region and the Midwest, as well as in certain parts of New England, primarily around the New York-New Jersey border.

The etymology of the name Paquett is uncertain. Some historians believe it is derived from the Old French/Norman-Picard form Paquet, which means “little package,” possibly hinting at an ancestor’s trade as a peddler of goods. Others believe the name is of Germanic origin, stemming from Pako, an ancient name which was similar to the word paco, meaning “peace” in Old German.

The Paquett family has a long history in France and Canada, albeit one that is often overshadowed by larger and more prosperous families such as the Duponts and Carters. The name was popularized in the 19th century by Pierre Paquett, a French-Canadian businessman who established an impressive shipping business which would become one of the earliest suppliers of furniture materials to the fast-growing Western Canadian markets.

Overall, the Paquett family’s lineage and its origins remain largely unknown. Nevertheless, it remains a popular surname in many parts of the world, particularly in French-speaking Canadian provinces.

Variations of the surname Paquett

The surname Paquett is of French origin and is a habitational name from a place so named in the Yonne département in Burgundy. It is also found in variants such as Pacquet, Paquette, Paccard, Pacque and Paquet.

In the French language, Pacquet or Pacquette most commonly denotes a small package or item; therefore, it is likely that those who bore the surname Pacquet were the first to carry the "small package" name. There are also many differing spellings that come from slight variations in pronunciation.

Common spellings of the surname Paquett include: Pacquet, Paquett, Paquette, Pacquetton, Paqueton, Paquetonne and Pacquetteon. Other spellings include Paccard, Pacque, Pacqueau, Paquet, Pacquetin, Pacqutin, Paccardin, Pacard, Packard, Pacquot, Paqueus, Pasquet, and Pacqueton.

The surname is also found throughout the French-speaking world, from Canada to France, to Switzerland, to Africa and the Pacific Islands. In the United States, the surname is relatively common in Louisiana, due to the state's French-speaking history. In addition to the Paquett spelling, the surname is often retained in various forms including Packer, Packert, Pakert, Parker, Piquette, Peacock and Pecot.

Throughout all of its various incarnations, this name will likely endure, as it carries special meaning. From the small package variant, to the various spellings and surnames that it has spawned, the Paquett surname is sure to maintain its place in European history.

Famous people with the name Paquett

  • Jillian Paquette: a Canadian film, television, and stage actor.
  • Michael Paquette: a Canadian country music singer-songwriter.
  • Cynthia Paquette: Canadian national trampoline champion.
  • Richard Paquett: a Canadian international speed skater.
  • Robert Paquette: advocate of populism, protectionism, and pro-working-class policies.
  • Alexandre Paquette: a Canadian film director.
  • Jack Paquette: a Canadian politician.
  • Amélie Paquette: a Canadian singer-songwriter.
  • Stéphane Paquette: a Canadian television and radio host.
  • Jean-Paul Paquette: a Canadian television personality.
  • Alannah Paquette: a Canadian singer-songwriter.
  • Michel Paquette: a Canadian ice hockey player.
  • Patrick Paquette: a Canadian politician.
  • Yves Paquette: a Canadian actor.
  • Guido Paquette: a Canadian educational leader.
  • Eric Paquette: a Canadian musician and poet.
  • Ghyslaine Paquette: a Canadian singer-songwriter and recording artist.
  • Marie-Claude Paquette: Canada's first female Super Hornet navigator.
  • Pierrette Paquette: advertising executive, journalist, and innovator.
  • Vilma Paquette: a Canadian actress.

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