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Surname Pardon - Meaning and Origin

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Pardon: What does the surname Pardon mean?

The surname Pardon is of French origin, derived from the old French word "Perdon" which translates to "forgiveness" or "freedom from punishment". It was traditionally used as a nickname for a person who was forgiving in nature or someone who had received a pardon. The name might have also been used for someone who had shown a remarkable act of forgiveness or mercy. It is also possible that it could have been bestowed upon individuals who played the role of a pardoner in medieval mystery plays, a person who had the power to absolve others from their sins. This surname has variations in spelling including Pardun, Pardin, Parduhn, Pardoe, Pardow, etc. Like many surnames that were derived from nicknames, Pardon not only reveals a characteristic trait but also gives a glimpse into the medieval period's societal norms.

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Pardon: Where does the name Pardon come from?

The last name Pardon is primarily found in France, especially in the regions of Brittany and northwest France. It is most likely of French origin and may have a Norman or Breton origin, based on the pronunciation of the name. The name is believed to originate from the Latin pardonis, meaning “to forgive” or “to give freely”.

In France, the name Pardon is fairly common and can be found across the country, with most people bearing the name originating from the regions of Brittany and northwest France. It can also be found in many other parts of the world, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, where French immigration has taken place as a result of colonialisation.

In the United States, the last name Pardon is fairly uncommon, and numbers have dwindled over the years. Researchers estimate that only a few hundred people with this last name are living in the United States today, which is a considerable drop from the estimated 3,300 Americans with the last name in 1950. Canada has a similarly small number of people with this last name today.

Today, the Pardon surname is a rarity, but it is certainly worth celebrating as its history can be traced back to some of the earliest French settlers to the continents of North America and Australasia. Some of these settlers have gone on to flourish and make a lasting contribution to their new homeland, and this legacy should not be forgotten.

Variations of the surname Pardon

The surname Pardon has many variations, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

The first and most common variant of Pardon is Pardun, which is found throughout Europe and is derived from the Old French word pardoner, meaning to forgive. Another variant is Pardonnet, which is also found in France and is ultimately derived from pardoner.

Paridon is another variant found in France, which is a French diminutive of pardoner. The variants Pridon and Pridun are also found in France and likely derived from Paridon.

In England, the variants Pardoe and Pardow are found, as well as the variant Pyddon, which is found in Wales. These variants are ultimately derived from the Old French pardoner as well.

The Italian variant of Pardon is Perdoni, which is derived from the Latin parare, meaning to give, and the Latin donum, meaning an act of giving.

The Spanish and Portuguese counterparts of Pardon are Perdon and Pardón, respectively, and likewise derive from pardoner.

Lastly, there are the surname variants found in Germany, such as Paridon, Perdon, and Pardun, which are all ultimately derived from the Old French pardoner.

Famous people with the name Pardon

  • Jack Pardon, an American member of the Conjurors' Club
  • Greg Pardon, former Australian rugby league player
  • Eugene Pardon, a former American football coach
  • Pierre Pardon, a French botanist
  • Olsee Pardon, an American politician from Colorado
  • Maude Pardon, a British missionary
  • Richard Pardon, British journalist
  • Elisabeth Pardon, a French photographer
  • Gary Pardon, an American basketball player
  • Rodney Pardon, an American disc jockey and radio presenter

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