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Surname Parish - Meaning and Origin

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D. Parish

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Parish: What does the surname Parish mean?

The surname Parish is of English origin and derives from geographical and occupational roots. It usually identifies someone who lived by a church or served a parish. The term "parish" originally comes from the Greek word "paroikos," which means "near" (par) and "house" (oikos), which the church later adopted to denote a community serviced by a particular church or clergy. The surname therefore indicates someone living by the parochial church or working within its administration. The name could also be used for those who came from towns or villages named Parish, such as places found in Essex and Sussex. Over time, this surname has been spelled in various ways in historical records, such as Pares and Parrish.

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Parish: Where does the name Parish come from?

The last name Parish is found mainly in English-speaking countries, particularly in the United States, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, and Ireland. Parish appears to have originated in England, where it was a status name given to a person who held land on behalf of a local church, known as a “parish.” The last name likely derived from an Old English word meaning “to serve,” or “serve as a parish priest.”

The last name Parish is relatively common in the United States, appearing in the top 1000 surnames. In 1880, the name was quite popular in the states of Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina. It is now found throughout the country. In England, households bearing the name Parish are concentrated in the south and east of the country, notably Kent, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, and Hertfordshire.

The last name Parish can also be found in Canada, Australia, Scotland, and New Zealand, where it is often a variant of Parrish. In the United States, variants include Paris, Parkes, and Parkis. Variants in other countries include Parriss, Parrish, Parisse, and Parr.

The last name Parish is found in all parts of the world today and appears to have a long and varied history. It is likely to remain popular for years to come.

Variations of the surname Parish

The surname Parish is derived from an Anglo-Norman French word meaning “area of land adjoining a church.” As such, it is an example of an habitational surname, which means that it derives from a place of origin.

Variants of Parish include Parrish, Parris, and Parryss. These variants are most likely derived from Anglicanised versions of the same French word.

Spelling variations can be found in different forms of the same surname. For instance, Parris may be spelled as Paris, Parise, Parize, Pares, and Paries. Parrish can also be spelled as Perish, Perris, Perrish, Perisse, Perishe, and Perisee.

Common surnames of the same origin include LePere, LePeir, Lefevre, and LeFevre. Other surnames found to be related to Parish include le Parise, Peris, Perre, Perree, Perer, Perres, and Piere.

In conclusion, the surname Parish has many variants, spellings, and surnames that come from the same origin. The most common variants are Parrish, Parris, and Parryss, and these forms can be further Anglicised with different spellings. Common related surnames include LePere, LePeir, Lefevre,LeFevre, le Parise, Peris, Perre, Perree, Perer, Perres, and Piere.

Famous people with the name Parish

  • Shawn Parish, Canadian filmmaker
  • Charles Parish, British actor
  • Amelia Parish, American singer
  • Miles Parish, British actor
  • Mitzi Parish, American television writer
  • Daniel Parish, American basketball player
  • Jack Parrish, former Major League Baseball player
  • Josh Parish, British electronic musician
  • Ciara Parish, American voice actress
  • Melissa Parish, American one-time Supermodel
  • J. N. Parish, British editor and book collector
  • Joan Parish, American stage actress
  • Sarah Parish, British actress
  • Graham Parrish, Australian rugby footballer
  • Tony Parish, Canadian ice hockey coach
  • Steve Parish, English professional football chairman
  • Lisa Parish, American actress
  • Eliza Parish, New Zealand community leader
  • Charles Parish Jr., Canadian painter

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