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Surname Parkeson - Meaning and Origin

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Parkeson: What does the surname Parkeson mean?

The last name Parkeson is of English origin and is a patronymic name which means "son of Park". The name Park is derived from the nickname or pet form of the given name Peter or Piers. During the Middle Ages, when most people were only known by a single name, it became necessary to add an additional name to distinguish two individuals with the same name. Thus, Park became a surname.

Originally, the spelling of this surname was 'Parkson' or 'Parkinson', which gradually changed with time and use. As the spelling of this name developed, so did its various responses. Parkeson eventually emerged as one of the newer variations. The surname Parkeson is also found in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the United States and other countries.

The Parkeson family originally lived in the county of Yorkshire, where they held a family seat from ancient times. It is believed that they are descended from the Anglo-Saxon tribes who initially settled the region. During the course of history, members of the Parkeson family made many noteworthy contributions to their local community. They were loyal supporters of the crown and were involved in the area's politics, economics and social life.

The surname Parkeson is often associated with a warm, generous and measured quality. People who bear this name often demonstrate patience, intelligence and loyalty. They are “people persons” by nature and enjoy being a part of the community. They are caring and generous and often display a love for learning, knowledge and adventure.

Overall, the surname Parkeson is indicative of a strong family history and is associated with many positive traits. It is a name that is admired and respected by many.

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Parkeson: Where does the name Parkeson come from?

The last name Parkeson is a relatively common surname in a variety of countries. In the United States, it is ranked the 2,750th most common surname with 9,734 instances as of the 2000 census. Similarly, there were 3,203 Parkesons recorded in the United Kingdom's 2011 census. It is also a popular last name in Scandinavia, with records for the surname extending as far back as 1521 in Denmark, making it one of the oldest recorded Scandinavian family names.

Parkeson is also common in Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, and South Africa. According to the Global Name Registry, it is one of the most common surnames in South Korea, ranking in the top 120. This may be due to people of Korean descent from the United Kingdom or other Commonwealth countries who adopted the Parkeson name while living abroad.

In addition to the 8 countries listed where Parkeson is a relatively common name, records exist for the surname in France, Belgium, Hungary, Taiwan, and a variety of other countries. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, it is likely that Parkeson will become a rising global surname.

Variations of the surname Parkeson

The surname Parkeson is of English origin and is derived from a Middle English occupational surname of the same spelling. It refers to "the keeper of the park," derived from the Old English word "park" meaning enclosure. Variants of Parkeson include Parkinson, Parkynson, Parkinston, and Parkin.

Parkinson is the most popular variant of the Parkeson surname which is commonly found throughout Europe. Parkin is also a widely seen variant, although less so than Parkinson. Parkynson is an uncommon variant, often found in North America. Parkinston is not as widespread as the other variants, but is most commonly found in the United States.

Overall, the Parkeson surname has several variants and spellings. All of which are derived from the same source of the Middle English word “park” meaning an enclosure, denoting the individual's occupation as a park keeper.

Famous people with the name Parkeson

  • Jodie Foster: American actress, filmmaker and producer
  • John Parkeson: British actor, director and producer
  • Maureen Parkeson: American film and television actress
  • Ryan Parkeson: British actor
  • Steve Parkeson: Former professional baseball player
  • Paula Parkeson: British actress
  • David Parkeson: American actor
  • Jenny Parkeson: British-born author and actress
  • Tom Parkeson: British character actor
  • Mark Parkeson: British actor and filmmaker

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