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Surname Parkson - Meaning and Origin

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Parkson: What does the surname Parkson mean?

The surname Parkson is of likely English origin, and may be derived from several sources. It is closely related to Park, and means “dweller in or near a park”, from Old English pre-seventh century “parc,” The most likely origin is from the given name Parkin, which is of Old English pre-seventh century origin, and derived from “parca”, denoting a “green” or lightly wooded area. As a name it is in some cases derived from Parkinson, itself an occupational name for a “keeper of the park”, derived from the Old English pre-seventh century “parc”. The name may also be derived as a metonymic occupational name for a person who “worked in or was employed by the park,” derived from the Middle English “parke”, meaning “park”. The original bearers of the surname Parkson may have been members of a landowning family, or one who held certain rights and privileges within the context of the park.

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Parkson: Where does the name Parkson come from?

The surname Parkson has its origins in the United Kingdom, specifically the country of England. It is most common today in England, the UK, and the United States. In 2018, Parkison was ranked as the 9,715th most popular surname in the United States, making it relatively uncommon. This name is also present in the Netherlands, Sweden, and Australia, albeit in much smaller numbers than in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The surname Parkson has a number of possible origins. In some cases, it is derived from a nickname or occupational name meaning “pearson,” meaning parson or cleric. In other cases, Parkson may be derived from the Old English “pah” meaning woodcutter, with the “suc” component meaning ploughshare. Regardless, the name is thought to have been in use in England since at least the 13th century.

Today, those with the surname Parkson mostly live in the United Kingdom and the United States. They are descendants of English immigrants who moved to the United States during colonial times and other periods of English settlement. Additionally, a small number of Parkson families can be found across Europe and beyond.

Variations of the surname Parkson

Parkson is an English surname, sharing a common origin with the surnames Parkerson, Parkison, Parkesen, Parkerson, Parkison, Parkesson, and Parkason. Variations of this surname have been found in the Netherlands, France, and Germany, as well as in the British Isles.

In the United States, Parkson is most likely an Anglicized form of the surname Parkesen, which has its origins in the Danish surname “parksen”, meaning “dirt farmer” or “landholder”. Parkesen is derived from the Old Norse “pari”, meaning “plowed ground”.

In England, Parkeson is a variant of Parkeson or Parckson, which can both be traced back to the Middle English word “parke”, meaning “garden”. This name was often used by people who lived and worked in towns with a park in the center, and their descendants may retain the surname Parkeson or its variations.

In France, Parkson is a variant of Parkerse, which is derived from the Latin “parcus”, meaning “enclosed plot or land”. This surname was often used to indicate people who lived and worked on land in the country.

In Germany, Parkson is a variant of Parksen, derived from the Middle High German “parckesen”, meaning “fenced enclosure”. This surname was given to people who lived near enclosed, fenced areas, such as woodlots or pastures.

In the Netherlands, Parkson is a variant of the Dutch surname Parkens, which is derived from the Old Dutch word “parke”, meaning “park”. People living near parks or other enclosed areas were often given this surname.

No matter which form of the Parkson surname is used, they all signify the same common origin, often associated with land ownership or managing.

Famous people with the name Parkson

  • Todd Parkison: American Actor, Producer & Director
  • Robert Parkison: Australian Soccer Goalkeeper
  • Grant Parkison: Scottish Professional Golfer
  • Moses Parkison: American Jazz Singer
  • Stacie Parkison: American Choreographer and Actor
  • Tim Parkison: Former American Football Player
  • Tom Parkison: American Businessman and Philanthropist
  • Susan Parkison: English Actress
  • David Parkison: American Actor
  • Scott Parkison: Canadian Actor & Voice Artist
  • Roberta Parkison: Olympic Sprinter
  • George Parkison: American Sugarcane Magnate & Politician from Hawaii
  • Matthew Parkison: Comedian, Writer, Actor & Radio Host
  • Will Parkison: Scottish Artist
  • Rick Parkison: Maya Archeologist & Ethnologist
  • Jane Parkison: Canadian Actress & Singer
  • Waylon Parkison: American Musician
  • Dave Parkison: Retired NHL Goaltender
  • Ajay Parkison: Indian Footballer
  • Adam Parkison: English Professional Rugby Union Player

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