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Surname Parlar - Meaning and Origin

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Parlar: What does the surname Parlar mean?

The origin and meaning of the last name Parlar is unknown, and is most likely derived from a regional nickname related to a specific person or place. It may have also been a descriptive name for a person who spoke a lot or for a person who was talkative. It is possible that the name may have been derived from the French word "parler" which means "to speak" or the German word "Parlier" which refers to a meeting place where people gather to talk or discuss matters.

Parlar is a rare surname, but may occur in various forms across different cultures. In some countries, such as France and Spain, the Parlar surname is also spelled Parlari, Arlar, Parlario, and Parlare. In Greece, it is sometimes spelled Parlarou.

In the United States, the surname Parlar is most commonly found in the states of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Jersey. As of the 2010 US Census, 346 individuals with the surname Parlar were recorded living in the United States. The largest number were recorded living in West Virginia, followed by Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Jersey, respectively.

Overall, the last name Parlar is a fairly rare surname that likely originated as either a descriptive name for someone who was talkative or for a specific person or place. The history and meaning of Parlar is mostly unknown; however, its presence can be found in various forms around the world.

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Parlar: Where does the name Parlar come from?

In terms of geographic origin, the last name Parlar is most commonly found in Turkey, as nearly half of all bearers of the name live in the country today. The surname is thought to have originated in the early Middle Ages in the region now known as the Republic of Turkey. As a result, it is very common throughout the country, particularly in its southeastern portions. Parlar is much less common outside of Turkey, though there are also notable communities in Romania, Bulgaria, and in the United States among Turkish immigrants.

Parlar is most common as a patronymic surname, derived from the name of the individual's father or other ancestor. The name is thought to rely on the Turkish word “parlak”, which means “bright”, and likely referred to the perceived brightness or intelligence of a particular ancestor. So, those with the last name of Parlar are presumed to have descended from a family likely thought to be bright or intelligent.

The name has experienced some spelling variations over the years as it has spread to other countries, but ultimately the meaning behind the name remains the same. Those with the last name of Parlar around the world today trace their history back to the ancient Turkish region, all with the idea of their ancestor's intelligence on their minds.

Variations of the surname Parlar

The surname Parlar is a variation of the surname Parlour, which derives from the Old French word "parlour", meaning "room for conversation". Variations of this surname include Parlors, Parlow, Parrlers, Parrlass, Parlors, Parlours, Parlour, Parrol, Paroll, Parralle, Parral, Parrels, Parrlow, Parrers, Parrler, Parrlous, and Parrols.

Variations of the surname Parlar are found across the United States, particularly in areas where French settlers once lived such as Louisiana and the surrounding region. Common alternate spellings include Parlour, Parlours, Parlow, Parolls, Parroll, Pasadena, and Parolla.

Other variations of the surname Parlar include Parliar, Perlors, Perales, and Përravel. These are all derived from the French spelling of the surname.

In England and Ireland, Parlar is sometimes spelled as Parlor, Parlorr, Parler, and Parser. These are all derived from versions of the Old French form.

In Scotland, variant spellings of Parlar could include Parlair, Parlaire, Parleer, Parlay, and Parlour.

Beyond France, the surname Parlar can be found in Spain, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Russia, and other parts of Europe. Variations of the name therein might include Parlor, Parlau, Parlae, Parlair, Parloi, Parriz, Parada, and Parz.

No matter how it is spelled, the surname Parlar, and its many variants, indicate a French origin.

Famous people with the name Parlar

  • Uğur Parlar: Uğur Parlar is a Turkish actor and comedian who is best known for his appearances in Turkish television series, films, and television commercials.
  • Atilla Parlar: Atilla Parlar is a Turkish former professional basketball player who played in the Turkish Professional Basketball League between 1985 and 1996.
  • Ali Parlar: Ali Parlar is a Turkish international football coach who has managed clubs in the Turkish Super Lig and 1. Lig and the Turkish national team.
  • Alper Parlar: Alper Parlar is a Turkish footballer who currently plays for Gençlerbirliği S.K. in the Turkish Süper Lig.
  • Melih Parlar: Melih Parlar is a Turkish professional footballer who plays for Adana Demirspor in the Turkish second division.
  • Hasan Parlar: Hasan Parlar is a Turkish former Wide Receiver and return specialist who played for both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL.
  • Aydın Parlar: Aydın Parlar is a Turkish actor best known for his performances in Turkish television series such as "Sıla", "Kurtlar Vadisi", "Poyraz Karayel" and "Kanal D".
  • Erdoğan Parlar: Erdoğan Parlar is a Turkish collegiate football coach at the University of Pittsburgh in the NCAA.
  • Temel Parlar: Temel Parlar is a Turkish international football player who has represented the Turkish national team in the European Championship Qualifying and the 2012 World Cup Qualifiers. 10.Cem Parlar: Cem Parlar is a Turkish former professional footballer who played as a striker for the Turkish club Beşiktaş J.K. in the 1990s.

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