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Surname Parnass - Meaning and Origin

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Parnass: What does the surname Parnass mean?

The surname Parnass (alternatively spelled Parnes) is of Jewish (Ashkenazic) origin, most likely arising from the biblical town of the same name. The town, located in ancient Israel, is mentioned several times in the Bible, and it is believed that many of the Jews living in the area adopted the name Parnass as their own.

The literal meaning of the word “Parnass” (Parnes in Yiddish) is “mountain” or “hill”. This may have been derived from Mount Parnassus, a mountain located in Greece that is believed to be the location of the oracle at Delphi. Additionally, the mountain has been linked to other mythologies, notably Apollo and the Muses. In the Bible, Parnass was a region east of Galilee that bordered the Jordan River and Mount Tabor.

In modern times, the surname Parnass is believed to still be found among Ashkenazi Jews and possibly among Sephardic Jews as well. Given the biblical origins of the name, those bearing it may be descended from Israelite tribal families who lived in that area of the ancient world. It is also possible that some people with the same name are descended from European Jewish immigrants who adopted the name to honor their original homeland.

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Parnass: Where does the name Parnass come from?

The last name Parnass is most likely derived from a Hebrew word meaning "glorious", "splendid" or "magnificent". It is most commonly found in Israel, where it is the 73rd most popular name, and in Germany, where it ranks number 464.

In the United States, the name Parnass is considerably less common. According to the US Census results, there are only about 758 people who have the surname Parnass. The majority of them are located in the states of New York, California, and Arizona. The total population in the US with the surname Parnass is estimated to be less than 1,000, however, this number has been increasing steadily in recent years, likely due to increased immigration from Israel and Germany to the US.

While the name Parnass is rare in the United States, it is still found in other parts of the world, including Israel, Germany, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. There is also a notable presence in several European countries, such as Poland and the Netherlands.

In conclusion, while the name Parnass is not very common in the US, it is still quite popular in several other countries all over the world. With the increasing number of immigrants arriving in the US in recent years, the name is becoming increasingly more common in the US as well.

Variations of the surname Parnass

The surname Parnass has various variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These variants, spellings, and surnames include Parnas, Parnassus, Parnes, Parnall, Parnell, Parnes, Parnoje, Parnoue, Parnow, Parneski, Parnocha, Parnoski, Parnowy, Parnox, and Parnaca.

Parnes is derived from the Hebrew name Parnach, which means “monument”. The spelling Parnall is a variant of Parnes and is derived from the Old English word "pærnall", which means "mound" or "hill". Parnell is derived from the Irish surname Ó Fearna, which means “descendants of Fearna”, a given name of uncertain origin.

Parneski is derived from the Polish surname Parnanski, and Parnocha is a Slavic diminutive of Parnes meaning "little Parnes". Parnoje is derived from the Polish surname Parnoj, which is an odd spelling of the same root. Parnoue is derived from the Polish surname Parnowski, which is itself derived from the same Polish root as Parnoj.

Parnow is a variant of Parnes and is derived from the Polish surname Parnowski. Parnoski is derived from the Polish surname Parnoski, which is itself derived from the same Polish root as Parnoj, and Parnowy is a variant of the same. Parnox is derived from the Polish surname Parnox, which is an alternate spelling of the same root.

Finally, Parnaca is derived from the Greek surname Parnakas, which is itself derived from the same Greek root as Parnass. These different variants, spellings, and surnames are all derived from the same origin, namely the surname Parnass.

Famous people with the name Parnass

  • Orit Parnass- International lawyer, human rights activist, scholar and founder of Center for Women’s Justice.
  • Zeev Parnass- Leader of the far-right Israeli-Herut political party.
  • Yuval Parnass- Israeli comedian, writer, and actor.
  • Gad Parnass- Israeli journalist and writer on the Holocaust and related subjects.
  • Zvi Parnass- Israeli journalist and filmmaker.
  • Yaron Parnass- Israeli lawyer and prisoner rights advocate.
  • Eruf Parnass- Israeli choreographer and artistic director.
  • Tamar Parnass- Israeli dancer and choreographer.
  • Roni Parnass- Israeli novelist, poet and playwright.
  • Yossi Parnass- Israeli footballer.
  • Yael Parnass- Israeli visual artist.
  • Til Parnass- Austrian-Israeli composer and choir director.
  • Brigitte Parnass- Former navigator and Combat Information Center (CIC) operations officer in the German Navy.
  • Lee Parnass- Australian comic book illustrator.

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