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Surname Parrent - Meaning and Origin

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Parrent: What does the surname Parrent mean?

The surname Parrent is of French origin, derived from the old French word "parent" which means relative or kinsman. It might have been used as a nickname for a person who behaved like a relative or for someone who was an adopted child or a very close friend or ally in a community. In ancient times, it was common to use surnames as a means to define a person's occupation, community role, locality, or personal characteristic. Therefore, someone with the Parrent surname could be linked to these historical meanings. However, the exact meaning and origin of the Parrent surname may vary based on family history and regional practices. Much like other surnames, it isn't indicative of an individual's characteristics.

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Parrent: Where does the name Parrent come from?

The surname Parrent is a relatively rare surname. According to public records, it is most commonly found in the United States, where it is held by around 56 people. The largest number of people with the family name Parrent is in the United States, followed closely by Canada and the United Kingdom. Other countries with a significant number of Parrents include Germany, Australia, France, and the Netherlands.

Within the United States, the surname Parrent is most commonly found in the states of Pennsylvania and Texas, and less commonly found in Ohio, Indiana, and Tennessee. The city with the highest concentration of this surname in the US is El Paso, Texas, followed by Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Phoenix, Arizona.

The origins of the name are said to be English, but the surname has probably been adopted as immigrants from other countries settled in the United States over the years. A significant number of people with the name Parrent are descended from a man from England named William Parrent who emigrated to the USA in 1653, settling in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Regardless of its origins, the surname Parrent is carried by a small, but significant, population of people across the United States, Canada, the UK, and other countries, indicating that it is likely to endure in years to come.

Variations of the surname Parrent

The surname Parrent is of English origin. It is derived from the Old French personal name Fierrant, which is derived from the Germanic personal name Ferrand, which comes from the Germanic elements 'faro' (journey) and 'rant' (magnificent). The variants of the surname Parrent include Parrant, Parrent, Parratt, Parrot, Perrot, Perrant, Perrante, Perratt, Perryant and Perryent.

Spelling variations of the surname Parrent in English records can include Parrent, Parrant, Perrant, Parrott, Perrott, Perryant, Perrante, Parratt, Perratt and Perryent.

The surnames of the name Parrent are often found in records from the early 13th century in Hereford, Berks, Devon and Oxford, England. The name was also found in records in Scotland during the 16th and 17th centuries.

In America, variations of the surname Parrent are often found in records from the 1700s and 1800s. One of the earliest records of the surname in America is that of John Parrent, who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1733. Other early American bearers of the surname were Philip Parrent, who arrived in Maryland in 1775; and Sarah Parrent, who arrived in Kentucky in 1790.

Overall, the surname Parrent has many variants, spelling variations and surnames of the same origin. It has a long and varied history, with records tracing the name back to Europe in the early 13th century, and in America from the 1700s.

Famous people with the name Parrent

  • Michael Parrent: American Actor
  • Ryan Parrent: American musician and composer
  • Adam Parrent: English athlete
  • Danny Parrent: Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Stephen Parrent: American Senior Manager of Projects
  • Thomas Parrent: British Olympic athlete
  • Jacob Parrent: American Artist
  • James Parrent: Northern Irish professional footballer
  • Brenda Parrent: American stunt performer
  • Laura Parrent: American Director of Digital Content and Strategy

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